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is android mobile is better then a windows mobile?

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Posted: 22-12-2014 @ 19:49:21
I'm using both OS presently n getting the noticeable point that Windows phone have a great UI (user interface) rather than android. WP have a high security features that give user to use his/her Smartphone more frequently. number of fraud applications are more on Android market place. Android is cheap in price n more user friendly developing operating System that does not mean that WP is not better. WP is getting it's place in global market n going to be best.
Posted: 26-11-2013 @ 14:16:34
android is more user frindly than a window phone.. you can buy android phone at low prices than windows phone.. i think that is why android is far better than windows phone..
Posted: 25-11-2013 @ 15:09:03
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Posted: 23-11-2013 @ 23:57:49
For a new smartfone user Android is far better than windows as android is more user friendly than windows. windows has a lot of limitations when compared to android. Android makes smartfone much simpler in all aspects
Posted: 22-11-2013 @ 11:46:25
Look every fields has own importance, if your requirement according to android so please go with android if your requirement according to window so please go with same..I think people search device according to their need not trends so its on you how can you of luck..
Posted: 13-11-2013 @ 12:18:23
Another great improvement over windows mobile is that you can root an android and upgrade your device, you will never be able to legally do that in windows! not to mention the security risks in windows will now be able to infect your phone. Basically Android rules the roost now and will for a long time because people are used to it, and its customization, plus it works on low end devices, and it will always be cheaper. Open sourced linuxes have always been ahead of windows and now people using mobile devices can see this, why on earth would I pay $700 for a phone sold as high grade when it is really mid to low grade when I can get a better device for $200-500. thousands of eyes develop linux codes and open sourced codes every day, windows is limited by jhow many devs they pay, also windows losses support for legacy devices, linuxes usually carry it for a long time, proof? try and install windows 8 on a laptop from the late 1990's, I can do this with the newest linux.
Posted: 14-04-2013 @ 08:25:39
In its current state Windows OS lacks support of 3rd party apps but times are changing fastly new apps are coming everyday to the os and already major apps have been available. But it still remains a work in progress when compared to android. So at the present time an android phone is certainly better than a windows one.
Posted: 07-03-2013 @ 22:16:54
ya thats for sure. android has the best features and elements to be a best is far better than other os phone. I have made comparison sheet for your clear and easy understanding. Lets take the main criteria to compare between the major 3 operating system that is ios, android symbian. Usability:-- - Each one of our contenders has its virtues. Symbian has the benefit of being easy to use and familiar to most of us. Android is snappy and has the added bonus of being highly customisable. But if you're talking pure user-friendliness then iOS remains the one to beat. With an incredibly simple but effective interface and straightforward, logical menus even the most technophobic users will find it a doddle to get things done. Winner - iOS Power: --- iOS is the most easy to use of the mobile operating systems but Large sections of iOS are hidden from prying eyes and app management has to be done through the at-times frustrating iTunes. Symbian remains as versatile as it always has, which is both a huge selling point but also a drawback, as its foundation hasn't changed a great deal since its launch. Android is the leader of the pack here though and with its open standards allows users that are so inclined to really get the best out of their hardware. Winner - Android Looks:-- - iOS is visually striking, with bright, finger friendly icons, lovely menu transitions and pleasing fonts and colour schemes. Symbian on the other hand, despite its recent paint-job, is still rather drab and with icons that look as old as the software they're fronting. Don't get me wrong buddy,I know it's a vast improvement on previous versions of Symbian OS but that still isn't great. In its latest revision (2.3) Android has received a nice visual overhaul, with pleasing coloured notification icons . Another huge plus-point of Android's open nature is the ability to apply themes and custom UI's to the operating system and for this reason t surpasses Symbian and iOS. Winner - Android Devices - Symbian's recent introduction means that it hasn't quite been implemented to its fullest extent, though there are a small number of devices that boast the new version of symbian os more at least than support Apple's iOS. android is in the lead in this round too, enjoying vast distribution among manufacturers who have chosen to utilise the operating system in budget devices such as LG's impressive Optimus One P500 or Samsung's Galaxy S. Winner - Android Compairing all the features it's a win for Android OS, which has widely spread and most popular os in today’s world. Now I hope you got your answer and satisfied with my reply
Posted: 06-03-2013 @ 14:05:14
Obviously! Android is way better than windows! Android started its tour around 3 or 4 years ago. It was installed in many smartphones in the beginning. And when people started to use more of android based smartphones, google began to upgrade android thereby releasing more and more versions. It also released a special version named android 3.0 honeycomb especially for tablets. But now, gingerbread, icecream sandwich and jelly bean are ruling the android world. Coming to windows, it was designed by microsoft for touchscreen phones. It was first installed in the nokia lumia series and in some samsung phones like omnia w. One of its version is 7.5 mango which is being used by samsung omnia w and some nokia lumia phones. Now, microsoft released another version, windows 8, which was installed in the htc 8x, announced in the 4th quarter of 2012. Basically, for beginners, windows has a complicated user interface and one would find it tough to operate. But the user interface in android is ultimate! It has the best control and setting options. Speaking of applications, android now has more than 8 lac applications in its official market, the google playstore. As windows has been introduced recently, it has much lesser apps in its market, the marketplace. And we can find many of the paid android apps for free in a market called blackmart. So, now you can decide which is better - android or windows :)
Posted: 03-03-2013 @ 23:00:50
Android have a simple user interface and a big range of capable application.Now-a-days many mobile brands using android as ther device's operating system.But the security and physical qualities of android devices are not good as windows mobile is a powerful and intelligent operating system from nokia.The hardware support is also good.but it is more expensive.In short,you can choose android only if u looking for pocket friendly purchase.(the peromence of android's icecream sandwitch is not bad at all)other ways you can try windows is better in all the cases exept the availability of appz.Thanks
Posted: 02-03-2013 @ 23:03:01 android when we install an apps from any site or googleplay the ads are sohwing in that app and on clicking on this ower balance has deduced.and there is no such problem in windows pnone
Posted: 01-03-2013 @ 17:34:12
Dear,windows phone is much better then android as.........*WP7 Has An Easier-To-Use Interface*WP7 Has Apps That Aren’t Crap*Microsoft Mobile Office Integration*Zune service is a Natie Client, and it’s Not Pay-Per-Song*Snappier Keyboard*No Ad-Ware! That’s right, there is nary a pop up ad to be found, whether you’re in the Windows Marketplace, or playing a game*
Posted: 28-02-2013 @ 21:59:16