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i have to buy a phone.which is better samsung galaxy s2 or APPPLE?

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Both are better .. It's betterness is based on the user how they can handle or use it...
Posted: 27-06-2012 @ 14:43:59
samsung galaxy is better..but one survey shows that sony walkman mobile beats apple ipod in voting.... so i and survey shows that best and affordable mobile is now sony walkman.
Posted: 17-06-2012 @ 15:14:43
Better phone than galaxy s2 is galaxy s3.But i would suggest you to save some money by buying htc one or lava xolo x900.
Posted: 15-06-2012 @ 20:57:53
with the introduction of iphone 4s the s2 is somewhat seems backward, but by comparing price, hardware & customer support samsung galaxy s2 win from apple's all old models. you can just compare iphone 4 & s2 , s2 has nothing wrong at its price. So i recommend s2 for its price & hardware.
Posted: 17-11-2011 @ 16:13:51
apple phones are great but.......prices are high... so i roecomend u to buy samsung galxy.........but apple is best.
Posted: 13-11-2011 @ 09:47:50
It sounds great to buy an apple phone but an apple may not always be healthy for you especially a digital one. I found some in adequacies in apple phones. First thing is that the bluetooth in apple phones won't recognise other phones or even other apples nearby but only the blue tooth headset. You cannot also send anything from your other phone to apple. Second thing is unlike other makers 60% apps are paid since apple is closed source. There aren't many places where you get to download apps for i os. Apple does not support flash, does not support java, and there's no true multi tasking in apple phones. Apple is over priced in India. It costs three times less in usa. Moreover ios occupies only 26% market share in usa. Half of the smart phones run on android. Samsung's own os called bada is more promising. So the choice is yours.
Posted: 03-10-2011 @ 00:50:44
Through my views Ashish u have to go for Samsung galaxy s2 bcz its price near to Rs 28000 but in case of apple its go higher than that. Both are most reputed company in India but in India somewhere samsung beat apple in case of cellphones.
Posted: 02-10-2011 @ 15:25:53
hey... why dont u do a simple job which requires lot of hard working??? Get a, M.Tech, Ph.D, M.Phil in electronics and software engineering and make a phone that is better samsung galaxy s2 and apple... i guess people wud go crazzzy about u if u can do that.... GODSPEED for u...
Posted: 30-09-2011 @ 18:45:33
Apple 5 coming will be gr8, but for now go with the S2 because it has many features which overcame iPhone. Camera, 2dary camera are better than iPhone. AND android is becoming larger day by day.
Posted: 30-09-2011 @ 16:44:47
Samsung Galaxy S2 Becuase its android, its cheaper and it does the same thing and also on the android market there is a huge viaraty of free apps :) iphone 4 looks gorgeous but its expensive plus apple always charge for a decent apps :/ and they have system restrictions eg no/limtied customization.
Posted: 30-09-2011 @ 15:52:27
Samsung ’s Galaxy S II is probably the most important phone launched at Mobile World Congress 2011.First off, the Samsung Galaxy S IIis seriously impressive. The big question, of course, is just how amazing is it, and, for that, we’re going to need to compare it to arguably one of the best non-Android phones around– the Apple iPhone 4...PHYSICAL FACTOR:-) Galaxy S II: 125.3 x 66.1 x8.49mm, 117g iPhone 4 : 115.2 x 58.7 x 9.3mm, 137g...Samsung Galaxy S II the winner of this round.... STORAGE:-) Galaxy S II : 16/32GB + microSD iPhone: 416/32GB.Winner – Draw.... IMAGING:-) Galaxy S II : 8MP rear, 2MP front, 1080p video capture iPhone 4: 5MP rear, VGA front, 720p video capture.Winner- Samsung Galaxy S II.... CONNECTIVITY:-) Galaxy S II: Wi-Fi, NFC, 4G, BT 3.0, DLNA, Wi-Fi tethering iPhone 4: Wi-Fi, BT 2.1, 3G............FINALLY This one has been really tough. The iPhone 4 is a great little handset which is very difficult to find fault with but it is a very current device and this is where the Samsung Galaxy S II distinguishes itself as something we can see being used for longer. Samsung has future-proofed the S II by beefing up the features such as the camera and storage and have used clever tech like the dual-core processor and more power efficient screen. In some ways it seems like Apple is simply sticking to its guns and catering to its own specific corner of the market, the company isn’t breaking ground with the new iPhone 4.THUS SAMSUNG S2 IS BETTER THAN APPLE.
Posted: 30-09-2011 @ 12:24:28
HI Asish, if i may, i'd suggest you go in for either the Iphone 3gs or the original samsung galaxy s. both these phones are pretty powerful in terms of hardware and were launched fairly recently. It's our luck that they had a newer version which was released so sonn that now they are available for just half the price. Galaxy arnd 16k and Iphone 3gs arnd 19k. Again, my advice is only considering features, if ur lookin for the latest handset, then ur question is down to the OS. Hope i helped in some way...
Posted: 29-09-2011 @ 21:40:44
of course apple......... no one phone manufacturer can beat the apple.....
Posted: 29-09-2011 @ 16:38:46