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i did not make conference call in vodafone. how i make conference call in vodafone.

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You can setup the conference calls on your Vodafone mobile by the following ways: 1. First of all make sure that your “Call Waiting” service is on. 2. Call the “first” person you want to invite. 3. Press “2” button to put them on hold. 4. Call the “ second” person you want to invite. 5. Press ”3” button to join everyone together. 6. To add more people repeat the steps 3,4 and 5. If you are not satisfied with the above solution you can visit Vodafone customer service here
Posted: 16-04-2016 @ 16:43:06
To activate conference call on vodophone for prepaid numbers kindly dial *131*1# After this the facility will be activated only if the user confirms it by pressing 1 As others have posted please make sure you're call waiting option has been enabled in Ure phone after which u can dial the conference call number. Hope this helps!! :)
Posted: 12-06-2015 @ 08:04:23
Just dial to *121*600# .after 30 minutes conference calling facility will be activated..
Posted: 14-03-2015 @ 20:28:08
Just dial to *121*600#
Posted: 14-03-2015 @ 20:27:10
Hi jawalker ! Conference calls are usually done between 3 or more people. In order to make a conference call, one should make sure that conference call facility is available on your phone or not. A call should take place between two people; the next step would to let one of the two callers to put the call hold. Once the call is placed on hold, the caller who has placed the call on hold has to dial the number of the third individual who can now become the part of the conference call. Once the third individual receives the call, the first caller has to select the option that says Join calls on his mobile phone. This way three people can have a conference call. The same procedure can be used to add more individuals to the conference call.
Posted: 07-07-2011 @ 18:46:53
n order to manage conference calls effectively you should have the Call Waiting feature turned on - you can simply enter *43# and then press SEND (or do it through your phone menu, see your phone manual in phone help). You can start a conference call by adding a second call to the one that you are already on. Put Call 1 (be it a call either made or received) on hold by pressing 2 followed by SEND. Once on hold, an alert tone will be heard by Call 1. Make or receive the second call in the normal way. To join the two calls together, press 3 followed by SEND.
Posted: 04-07-2011 @ 19:50:38