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how to reduce the heat gain while talking a phone call to a long time

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To be very honest, we cant reduce the heat generation from cell phone below the limit, that was exactly after its manufacturing. But, some guidelines are there to limit the heat. Like.., 1. Limit the phone's network operation in low signal availability. This will reduce battery consumption and ultimately, heat. 2.The second guideline is, know ur phone's exact area, where internal antenna is situated. Then, avoid the touching or covering to that area. U may notice some reduction in heat generation.
Posted: 29-05-2012 @ 22:09:12
the best answer is that we have to prevent over talking on phones
Posted: 26-05-2012 @ 21:23:34
One should use ear-phone to reduce heat generation. NEVER cover up your mobile;
Posted: 30-04-2012 @ 23:56:05
the best way to reduce is use bluetooth headset
Posted: 02-09-2011 @ 14:59:18

You know that 'Precaution is better than cure' So I will advise u always buy a best qualities cell phones so that u need not to face these problems.
Posted: 01-09-2011 @ 08:57:14
just talk in a AC room problem solved
Posted: 31-08-2011 @ 14:11:49
there is only one solution for this question....don't talk much in installments...
Posted: 30-08-2011 @ 16:06:26
the best way is to use earphones and buy phones having low sar value like nokia and sony ericsson green heart series the other ways are nt 2 overchrge ur phone and nt 2 tak on phone while charging never 2 tht bro
Posted: 30-08-2011 @ 16:02:15