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how simbian belle differ from symbian anna?

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Symbian Anna is the name for Symbian^3 PR2 (and PR means product release). Symbian Belle is the name of the next update, and is a considerablylarger update than Anna, with lotsof UI changes. Both use the same Symbian operating system, although Belle will have more updates. Most applications should be able to runon Symbian^3, Symbian Anna andSymbian Belle phones. Symbian Anna can be updated on existing Symbian^3 phones such as the Nokia N8. Symbian Belle can also be updatedon Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna phones.
Posted: 29-05-2012 @ 12:30:47
Symbian Anna offers an attractive new icondesign and font, a better web browser plus updates toother Nokia services, a portrait-style QWERTY keyboard and split-screen text entry whereas Symbian Belle offers a doubling of the number of homescreens you can work with, the introduction of moreflexible homescreen widgets in several different sizes, a wide range of NFC capabilities (though that will of course rely on your phoneitself being NFC-enabled, which of the current range only the Nokia C7 is), a new status bar which takes a neat drop-down approach to notifications, dynamic real-time multitasking previews and a lock screen that shows additional detail, such as incoming messages and missed calls
Posted: 30-09-2011 @ 17:03:04
Symbian Belle is the on-board Symbian^3 release on 701 while Nokia C7 has the Symbian Anna. Update to Belle is Q4 this year. Nokia 701 has 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM – Nokia C7 has 680MHz CPU, 256MB RAM Nokia 701 uses LED backlit IPS display with Clear Black Display, the brightest – Nokia C7 uses AMOLED display all at 3.5″ 701 has HSDPA 14.4 Mbps HSUPA 5.76 Mbps – C7 has HSDPA 10.2 Mbps HSUPA 2.0 Mbps
Posted: 02-09-2011 @ 17:57:28
Alright in reality, Symbian^3 isn't that bad of an OS; it's extremely practical, but there is hardly any eye candy. I'm running it on my N8. Symbian Anna is a faster S^3 with more eye candy. Go with Symbian Anna, and soon enough you will be able to upgrade to Symbian Belle (so says Nokia), which looks to be downright fantastic! The only reason I would get Android would be to cover its UI with SPB Shell 3D, which is not yet available for Symbian.
Posted: 02-09-2011 @ 17:07:33
I am using belle on my N8 and frm my experience i can tell you belle is far beyond any symbian os till date. Its lot more user friendly and intuitive. Customizable home screen icons, better feed back of touch screen and most importantly a great browser(nokia 7.4.22).
Posted: 02-09-2011 @ 15:04:46
Firstly, it differs in the User Interface. The new symbian Belle will have widget supports and lots of changes are there in the homescreen and it more likely resembles the HTC homescreens whereas symbian Anna is having the old user interface of symbian phones. Secondly, symbian Belle phones are equiped with NFC(Near Field Communication) whereas symbian phones are providing with bluetooth.
Posted: 01-09-2011 @ 23:43:55
Symbian anna is the latest operating system of nokia smart phones. Symbian Anna and Belle are updates to Symbian^3. Symbian anna is the currently running update to symbian version 3 phones. Here symbian anna refers to Symbian^3 PR2 where pr is nothing but product revision 2. Symbian Anna is now available for update for current Symbian^3 phones like N8, C7, C6-01, E7, X7, E6. Now symbian Belle will be the update to symbian anna and will be in the market later. Belle will incorporate lots of updates like improved user interface and better processing capabilities compared to anna os. Other nokia os are meego which is run on nokia n9 and there is windows7 smartphone launched by joining hands with microsoft. The phones have not been launched yet but when they will be launched it will mark the exit of nokia from symbian os.
Posted: 01-09-2011 @ 23:00:45

Symbian Anna is the name for Symbian^3 PR2. Here pr refers to product code 2. We already have lots of symbian version 3 phones available like nokia 5230, nokia n8. Anna is the next update to this list and features mobiles like nokia c7, e7, etc. On the other hand symbian belle is the update to symbian anna. Phones have not been launched yet with belle but when it is launched there will be lot of UI changes. A great deal of updates will be on the list for symbian belle. Other os by nokia are meego which is run on nokia n9 and the windows7 phone which have not been launched yet and when launched will mark the exit of nokia from symbian operating system.Symbian Anna can be updated on existing Symbian^3 phones such as the Nokia n8 on the air or by using nokia pc suite. Fancy names such as these for software updates are quite popular like the android ginger bread,honey comb and the latest ice cream sandwich.
Posted: 01-09-2011 @ 22:51:01
symbian belle is the latest os which introduce first in 3 mobiles, nokia 600,700,701.It provide better speed.Icons are chaged into round shape.
Posted: 01-09-2011 @ 21:20:20
Symbian Belle follows on from Symbian Anna in the same way belle follows the anna and both are an update built on top of the Symbian^3 operating system, which we first saw when the Nokia N8 launched towards the end of 2010.
Posted: 01-09-2011 @ 16:50:15