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how much does the iphone cost in india? pleeeeeease answer.?

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Answers (5)
The latest release, iphone4G -16GB is around 34,000RS and 32GB is 40,000RS. But these phones are worth the high cost.
Posted: 29-06-2011 @ 01:24:55
Price of iPhone 2G in India: You can buy very first model of iPhone (formally known as iPhone 2 or iPhone 2G) at Rs.15,960 (8GB) and Rs. 19,960 (16GB). Cost of iPhone 3G in India: For iPhone 3G you need to pay Rs. 27,450 for 8GB and Rs. 33,972 for 16GB Price of iPhone 3GS in India: The iPhone 3GS is available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB and price is Rs.27,950, Rs.35,000, and Rs. 39,903 respectively. Cost of iPhone 4 in India: The iPhone 4 16GB will cost you Rs. 35,500 and for 32 GB you need to pay Rs. 41,500
Posted: 05-05-2011 @ 08:59:24
atleast 35000.
Posted: 04-05-2011 @ 18:31:29
The latest model of IPHONE costs 35,000 in india
Posted: 04-05-2011 @ 14:09:59
Price starting from Rs. 35,000 for Locked 16GB iPhone 4 and 41,000 for 16GB Factory Unlocked.
Posted: 04-05-2011 @ 11:59:33