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how i connect my mobile to pc for gprs ???????

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Answers (29)
U can connect your mobile phone to PC, with the help of the PC suite, which it takes support.
Posted: 05-04-2012 @ 17:05:53
There are several cellular companies provides internet service with there cellular service as GPRS or EDGE internet service, to use this internet service we all need is GPRS or EDGE enabled mobile phone. We can use internet on mobile for browsing WAP sites and also to download wallpapers, applications, songs and videos etc. We can also use internet on our personal computers by connecting any GPRS enabled mobile to our computer. Ours requirements are GPRS enabled handset, data cable or Bluetooth connectivity, computer or laptop. To use internet on computer we required GPRS enabled handset because when we connect our phone to computer then computer will identify our phone as modem. This modem is always required wherever internet connectivity is there. So our computer will convert cell into as modem. Data cable is required to connect our mobile to computer or laptop. This data cable is provided by your mobile manufacturer company, it come with your handset or if not provided then you have to purchase separately. If your phone having Bluetooth technology functions then you can connect your mobile with the help of Bluetooth to your PC or laptop. This Bluetooth connectivity will be wireless but it having limited range for connectivity to stay active with devices. Computer or Laptop is required if you want to use internet and to make connectivity with your mobile.
Posted: 03-04-2012 @ 08:41:40
hi friends i tell u clear idea, to activate the aircel gprs Requesting step 1: send the request through the sms, eg: BP mobilemodel. i forgot the number, please call customer care they tell u the procedure. Get the settings step 2: After the request they send u the settings with in the 3days. step 3: call customer care ask whether ur aircellonline has activated or not. if activated follow the step 4. otherwise wait for another 2 days. Activation step 4: now e-reacharge with Rs:14(three days , not 78 hrs ) or Rs: 98(30 days) Connecting to Pc step 5: if ur using sony erricsson mobile install the PC suite, after installation open the sony erircsson pc suite, in pc suite open mobile networking wirzad, in that click new connection(before click in u must connect the mobile through cable in Pc ) Step 6: Select packet Switched Data, click next-----> Step 7: Select Sony ericsson W200 USB WMC modem, Ex: w200, Click next-----> Step 8: In connection name type aircel, Select other two option, Click next-----> step 9: Select Manual Mode, Click next------> Step 10: In Access Point Name (APN), type is important that name never changed) , Click next----> Step 11: if u want to give username and password give the name otherwise click next----> Step 12: Click finish. Step 13: And then in Desktop double click aircel icon click dial, now ur modem(mobile) connect with ur PC. if its not connect . another time double click aircel icon click properties in that *99***1# will appear, change that number(*99***2#)or tire upto (*99***10#).
Posted: 31-03-2012 @ 17:42:47
you can use PC suite or Bluetooth to connect mobile to pc for gprs.
Posted: 17-07-2011 @ 09:24:00
to connect your mobile phone with ur pc for internet access , at first you have to ensure that ur handset is gprs enabled or not . if it is gprs enabled then you have to get gprs setting in your handset , for this you have to contact your service provider and after that , u connect your mobile with your pc in two ways 1) using bluetooth port and 2) is using pc suite . 1) for bluetooth connection you have to pair your mobile with your pc and then connect to the internet and 2) is using pc suite , in this process you have to connect your mobile with your computer with USB cable and then select pc suite . after that acess to the internet thank you
Posted: 16-07-2011 @ 11:56:48
first u need the pc suite of that company whose the mobile is second via datacable connect your phone to pc select pc suite setting now open pc suite in pc u see a web logo click on it now u can access from your pc
Posted: 16-07-2011 @ 06:53:11
mobile can be connected with the help of the PC SUITE software
Posted: 16-07-2011 @ 02:15:24
First your phone must be GPRS Supported.Second you must have the PC Suite of the Phone. Then you install the PC Suite.Then connect your phone through USB data cable(Bluetooth is not applicable).Then you select the 'Connect to internet'.Then go to the Internet settings then change the APN [For Airtel (, Idea (internet), Aircel (aircelgprs), Videocon (,Vodafone (portalnmms)] Then save it. Then click on the connect button.Then the internet connection will start.
Posted: 15-07-2011 @ 17:18:40
u should install pc suite of mobile brand then connect mobile to pc via usb cable/bluetooth/ the settings on mobile and pc which provides by ur service provider. then click on 'CONNECT TO INTERNET". u will able to use internet on pc via mobile.
Posted: 15-07-2011 @ 11:48:06
via installing pc suite for the suportabl brand
Posted: 13-07-2011 @ 17:13:59
mobile can be connected to pcsuite then in mob select nokia mode if its nokia mobile and in other brand of mobile select pcsuite option ii moble only den ask the costumer care to send the configuration setting to connect the internet to pc
Posted: 13-07-2011 @ 13:52:58
It depends on type of handset u have. 1 install pc suit if available 2. Connect to the innernet 3 if still problem download hiren cd 14.0 and reset complete network problems, it automatically fix your problem. Now browes the Internet. If any other issue let me know I will solve your problem
Posted: 13-07-2011 @ 12:50:26
a faster way is to create a dial up connection in my network places and then connecting it to you mobile...
Posted: 12-07-2011 @ 08:06:10
using pc suite mobile software we can activate gprs in pc through mobile.
Posted: 09-07-2011 @ 12:03:11
mobile can be connected with the help of the PC SUITE software
Posted: 09-07-2011 @ 09:56:35
install pc suite and connect the device. Then click on connect to internet. if there is any problem then check the internet settings and try to re connect.
Posted: 08-07-2011 @ 20:34:15
Connect with data cable or use bluetooth device.
Posted: 08-07-2011 @ 19:00:23