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how do i protect myself from radiation while using mobile...? suggest few points..!!

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Should not talk on the phone for to0 long. Don't keep your cell phone under your pillow or near you when you are off to bed. Check you BT, if its on then turn it off after you are done with it.
Posted: 31-07-2013 @ 17:01:03
Dont use mobile phone if d battery level is low becoz the network access radiates more to get the network
Posted: 26-02-2013 @ 23:13:43
Different cell-phone modelsemit different amounts of radiation, so one way to reduce your exposure is to purchase a cell phone with a lower SAR (specific absorption rate), a numberthat indicates how much radiation is absorbed by the human body when the handset is being used at maximum power. The Environmental Working Group has compiled a list ofSAR values for most cell phones.
Posted: 30-11-2012 @ 17:55:18
i recommend using normal ringtones and less volume and talk with low voice and dont use mobile while driving on roads it made lead accidents
Posted: 29-11-2012 @ 10:54:21
You and your mobile protect is anti radiation clip use to protect from radiation
Posted: 18-11-2012 @ 07:17:16
Keep the phone as much away from the ear to reduce its radiation which first affects our brain. Do not spent too much time in the phone. Try and relax after a continuous use of about 10 min. Wash your face regularly and try to relax. Dont use earphones, it can damage your ear badly. Use loadspeaker more regularly to attend calls.
Posted: 11-11-2012 @ 18:45:48
1. always use left ear to answer the phone calls 2. don't keep phone near yourself while sleeping 3. try avoiding using phone in less charge as it releases more harmful radiation 4. avoid using cellphones in areas with less network coverage since the bandwidth used by your phone may result in harmful radiations. 5. last but not least don't use a cellphone for more than 2 years and that's why foreigners often change their phones to avoid radiation related diseases like cancer.
Posted: 11-11-2012 @ 14:57:17
Cell Phone Radiation Recently, the Acoustic Neuroma Association Board of Directors released a statement indicating that cell phones are safe for users. They say the science just isn’t there to support the fears that cell phones cause tumors. But other studies have come to a different conclusion. To be on the safe side, here are eight ways to protect yourself from cell phone radiation: 1. Use a headset, Bluetooth, or other hands-free device. Your cell phone will be safely cradled away from your ears. 2. Buy a cell phone that produce low levels of radiation. Find out how much radiation your cell phone emits. 3. Don’t clasp your cell phone to your ear. Hold it farther away so those microwaves are directed elsewhere. 4. Leave the dead zones alone. If you’re trying to get a signal where there aren’t many, just hang up and wait. Cell phones searching for a tower emit more radiation. 5. Avoid "radiation shields" like antenna caps or keypad covers. You’re only causing your cell phone to work harder again to reach the tower, thus emitting more radiation. 6. Let your fingers do the talking. Text more … just avoid the risky texting behavior like texting while driving. 7. Limit cell phone use by your kids. The brains of children can take in nearly twice as much radiation as the adult brain. 8. Become a good listener. The most radiation is released while you’re talking and texting so try listening instead. Your friends and family will really appreciate it as well!
Posted: 09-11-2012 @ 15:25:01