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how can i get gmail alerts to my mobile?

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Posted: 12-06-2011 @ 16:21:41
Posted: 15-04-2011 @ 00:03:59

To Get gmail mail's in your phone you need smartphone, EDGE or gprs enabled phone and then in gmail account settings you need to enable imap and then configure gmail account on your phone.
Posted: 14-04-2011 @ 15:50:37
Posted: 14-04-2011 @ 14:33:33
you need to configure your gmail account with your mobile
Posted: 14-04-2011 @ 14:15:45
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Posted: 14-04-2011 @ 11:47:53
You need to configure Gmail account on your phone, given your phone supports email configuration. You have to check if there is an email icon on your phone menu, if it is there then you can add any account (gmail, yahoo, etc).
Posted: 14-04-2011 @ 10:33:36 is best for it
Posted: 14-04-2011 @ 00:23:17
Posted: 13-04-2011 @ 21:41:18
you my change your mobile and take nokia c3
Posted: 13-04-2011 @ 18:15:13
Posted: 13-04-2011 @ 16:03:10