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how can I minimise the use of RAM ?

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Posted: 29-12-2014 @ 08:29:39
Delete unnecessary files and data. Install PC cleaner for better performance.
Posted: 27-11-2014 @ 17:41:15
use cleanmaster app .... vry useful to all android mobiles
Posted: 04-05-2014 @ 00:06:37
After using apps force stop it to avoid running and save ram and battery
Posted: 10-03-2014 @ 04:50:17
Remove unnecessary files,downloads from ur computer and save it in ur profile like yahoo,gmail :)
Posted: 25-02-2014 @ 12:31:29
1. After clicking Start windows type MSCONFIG & press enter a dialog box gets displayed ,in that go to startup tab & deselect all the programs that you dont want to sart up & click appy & click OK. Start->click all programs->Accessories->System Tools->click Disk Clean Up & select the disk in the drop down you want to clean up & this will remove unnecessary errors. 3.And the most simple one is Download PC optimizer tool from online ,get it installed & run it which will automatically fix your computer errors & automatically improves the spped of RAM
Posted: 09-01-2014 @ 18:14:12
Press "Ctrl-Shift-Esc" to open the Task Manager. Click the "Processes" tab to view running processes. Click the "Memory" tab to organize by memory usage. You can close processes that use too much memory or simply make note of them to keep an eye on those programs.
Posted: 28-11-2013 @ 11:56:39
install clean master
Posted: 02-10-2013 @ 09:58:37
decrease virtual memory space
Posted: 19-08-2013 @ 16:01:21
decrease the number of apps installed on your smartphone, most of apps are auto-started and consumes lot of RAM. also leaving the app opened not closing it properly can cause the hike in RAM usage and thereby draining your cell's battery. you can also use apps like RAM booster or battery saver which monitor tasks running, cleans RAM by a single click, also some apps have feature to auto boost.. thank you..
Posted: 13-08-2013 @ 18:38:17