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hi guys!why some of my posted answers are not being carriedout and displayed?

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Hi, I think there are 3 reasons why your answers are not carried out. 1 - If the editor thinks that your answers are out of topic 2 - The answer is just copied and pasted from other sites 3 - There are a lot of grammitical mistakes, for example you had used sms language or short forms to give the answers
Posted: 26-06-2012 @ 11:54:26
Not carriedout may be an internal ERROR ...Not displayed indicates T & C
Posted: 12-10-2011 @ 01:08:47
because it may take time to carry on editior
Posted: 10-10-2011 @ 10:22:09
Look dude, these kind people of TMI pay for the answers... May be ur answers were not worthy enough for carrying forward. When u write answer here make sure you have some genuine knowledge about the topic, and you have to make original dude; and sometimes u need to work lot before u start making some serious worthy stuff. And remember, the people administering this forum are surely met with a hell lot of super spams everyday they open their databases. So make sure you dont write spams over here, and i guess people will like ur answers......
Posted: 07-10-2011 @ 22:45:34
its because the editors would'nt have thought that your answers were up to the mark and hence they may have not posted your answer..!!
Posted: 06-10-2011 @ 15:51:21
Dear friend! Not all of your answers will be selected for being posted on the mobile indian. It depends on the quality and relevance of your answer and if it fits the standards prescribed by mobile indian only then will your answers be published. In other cases where you genuinely feel that the answers were good enough but even then they were not published then you should give a feedback to the site webmaster using the feedback option. Few days ago I had a similar experience wherein none of my answers were published and I wrote to the site. Within the next day itself the problem was attended to. Maybe you should do the same. I have seen some of your answers and feel that the second one may be the case with you.
Posted: 06-10-2011 @ 14:35:51
evn mine and out of my last 15answers none of my answers are liked dnt knw whts d prob :(
Posted: 06-10-2011 @ 13:55:26
Dear user, there are some terms before display any question or answer that are- 1) If anyone, shares answers and discussions, by blindly copying & pasting them from any other forum/ source with an intent to win points, then in such a case, TMI reserves the right to not carry such posts. 2) Repeated attempts to do this, and any other form of malpractice to spam the forum, would result in the user being debarred from the forum permanently. So always be alert before submitting any quiz or ans plz u ensure that ur submission are unique!
Posted: 06-10-2011 @ 08:55:44
editors pick exact/good answers for question and display them. But if they don't like your answer or you have just copy the content of other user they won't approve it. Some of my answers are also not displayed, it happens with everyone. It is not necessary that each and every answer of yours will be approved. After posting a comment on any question a warning msg is shown, just read that.
Posted: 05-10-2011 @ 17:19:50