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hai guys,help me,iam regular user of ultoo,bt now iam facing a problem,when try 2 login its loging in bt it is showing that verify characters then login bt in that place some advertisement is placed,the characters are hidden only login is shown .and there is no close symbol in advertisement,plz help me,

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maxxspy For example, the small size and high mobility means devices can be used in complete privacy — increasing security risks like sending confidential or embarrassing information to the world using mobile social applications like Facebook or Instagram.
Posted: 01-12-2014 @ 07:10:01
laaptu and ypox is showing a empty page y wat is the reason
Posted: 13-01-2014 @ 18:27:52
no it is not wrking plz i need an another answer
Posted: 13-01-2014 @ 18:10:48
no its wrking plz help me,i need any other answer
Posted: 13-01-2014 @ 18:09:26
block pop up windows
Posted: 13-01-2014 @ 17:48:45