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file format not supported..why does it show while playing few you tube videos on my nokia 2730classic

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Real player setting is required b4 optimizing any streaming source link {go to optimize page and see what ur device can follow click on working imege select format h263 which can render comprressed data compare to other format} by default browser authentication [bcz rtsp is device performence dont try with remot browser,] , >>>there r "emblaz player" hellix player apps. Available known for mobile encoding for rtsp protocol for mobile source ,emblaz p. can read mp4 file by installing mp4 codecs in device * in udp 9544 ,make accesspoint setting mannul input,rtsp proxy address if u found working on sim which can stream seemless..Less buffer,on 2g,, >>> u can convert format only on pc or mod device with os s60 5th on nokia yet found app resulted in user interface interaction....., >>> supports for h263 and all mobile format with audio codecs try in 2730 ,
Posted: 04-09-2011 @ 20:40:53
I have a nokia 2690. I use opera mini 5.1 browser. Earlier I was able to play any youtube video on my mobile. But since yesterday evening, whenever I click on any video, the description page opens without the 'Watch Video' option. Also, the thumbnail image does not appear in the page. My default browser also shows the same problem. I also tried the same on my nokia x2, but the same problem persists.
Posted: 30-08-2011 @ 23:28:32
Because, all the youtube videos are not mobile compatible .Some are in flv, mp4 and avi format which could not be played in Nokia 2730 classic. So,while playing such uncompatible videos from youtube, you can expect an error message like that.
Posted: 30-08-2011 @ 10:52:05
because of high pixel ratio of that videos, It dosnt support to your device.Devices of high resolution support this type of videos.
Posted: 29-08-2011 @ 21:34:27
You might not have a flash player downloaded into your mobile. For any mobile to run videos from the internet it should have flash player of latest version that supports all types of videos to run. If you have a flash player already installed in your mobile and still it is not running then you should install a new version of flash player software into your mobile and see if it works for you.
Posted: 29-08-2011 @ 19:17:46
beacz the videos on utube are evn uploaded in mp4 avi and xdvd whch is nt supported by 2730
Posted: 29-08-2011 @ 16:58:09
hi, how do i 'encode the downloaded videos using H.263 codec with 3GP as output format'? i am not very good at this sort of stuff..... if you could tell me how to do this, it'll be a great help. thank you.
Posted: 29-08-2011 @ 14:53:12