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does nokia E5 have any software problems????

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I have purchased a Nokia E5 ( IMEI ) on 22nd Dec evening from M/S S.H.Mumtazuddin at B.B.D Bag,Kolkata.The moment I left the shop it started to switch off immiediately and automatically.The problem continued on the next day also.Then on 24th I visited A.M.Mobile Telecom Pvt. Ltd,Kolkata P-39,Princep Street,oppsite Orient Cinema,kolkata-72. They repaired it without telling me the problem(job sheet no 101224/1).Again that very same day at evening(24th Dec itself) it switched off automatically.But this time I can't switch it on again.I had to ask for a handset from a friend for these two days.So today I again gave my set to AM Mobile(job sheet no 296504886/101227/1),still not delivered. I am a Nokia fan since last 8 years,previous model was 5800,also used 6 other high end models. But now I am hopeless with Nokia.Its not possible for me to visit everyday Nokia care skipping my Office time.I am a Govt banker. I cant understand how u people sell a Rs.10500 product without checking it properly?This is nothing but harrasing people.R u going to pay for my harrasment I faced in my Office,and the expense of travelling frequently to ur office?R u going to pay for all the data erased everytime I will submit for repair?And what about the future of this handset as it has started visiting the damn Nokiacare from the very next day of purchasing?Should I employ a person for visiting u every alternative day with the set?What is the difference between u and those damn cheap China sets?Where is the warranty?Where?R u listning me?Or these simply dosen't matter to u and ur business??? U should immediately replace my set with a new one or I will spread this instance to everyone,through my networking chain,and beleive me,I will make serious hazzards to Nokia. I am really fedup with Nokia,but I was a diehard fan of Nokia. And still I beleive that I will get the best service from u.So please replace it as early as possible.
Posted: 21-02-2012 @ 17:51:31
Posted: 25-05-2011 @ 17:18:45
Posted: 25-05-2011 @ 16:58:15
I think still not observed any problem
Posted: 25-05-2011 @ 16:50:41
yes there is problem with its firmware which mostly gets crashed and needs to be reloaded.
Posted: 25-05-2011 @ 15:26:34
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Posted: 25-05-2011 @ 12:44:25