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do u think android will win over ios(apple OS) ???

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Yes, Android is the best app :)
Posted: 28-05-2013 @ 15:35:07
Yes sure
Posted: 12-01-2013 @ 13:21:58
I think [Apple's] strength is the relationship with developers as well as the piece of hardware that they have put out, a compelling device that obviously has some problems this time around, but it's something that a lot of people want to use. I think one strength [of Android] is that you can take the assets of and move it downstream a bit, and by that I mean start taking and brining advanced devices to emerging markets where you may not need all the whizz-bang stuff but you need stuff that adds to your portfolio but not cost a pretty penny, say in India. And I think we're already starting to see that, and we'll continue to see that. Apple can't do that, and that's a weakness. Apple right now is focused on high-end. The growth markets aren't all high end yet they're going to have to have a strategy to address that. So that's how I see it played out. They're two very important platforms.-cool24by7
Posted: 31-10-2012 @ 00:10:06
Well android keep upgrading their versions according to consumer needs but windows 8 may give a tough fight.
Posted: 29-10-2012 @ 11:47:44
I think Android is better as it has greater flexibility , customization and better multitasking.Also android is available on a greater range of devices. There is an option for much greater control through rooting and other hacking measures.
Posted: 26-10-2012 @ 15:28:37
If you look at Apple's success in the market, it shows that if you make the right choices, diversity of choice may not matter all that much to consumers. What does matter are things like how seamless is the ecosystem? Will my content flow from device to device, screen to screen, location to location? Who is going to get the applications and services and games that I want early? Is it going to show on the device I buy first, or am I going to have to wait for it to show up on the other device, if ever at all? It is no coincidence that we saw Farmville showing up first on iOS, Hulu Plus showing up first on iOS. In fact, applications that people have cited as reasons Apple could not succeed because they could not support Flash, it turned out the developers behind them turned them into apps. If I want Hulu Plus, and I can't get it on Android but I can get it on iOS, that becomes a differentiator. So it's not the notion of who has the most applications per platform, but it's who has the applications, who has the exclusive applications, who has the applications first that consumers are going to be looking for here.
Posted: 26-10-2012 @ 00:04:42
Both have a high degree of momentum but since Android has more manufacturers it has recently become more widely acknowledged for its growth. I think that both will be in a locked battle not only in phones but as companies pushing broad based business to consumer capabilities. This would include applications such as banking, shopping, social networking, etc. that link consumers more tightly with the product and service vendors.
Posted: 25-10-2012 @ 11:41:30