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can we do a video call without a front camera in the mobile?

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yeah u can..............
Posted: 11-06-2011 @ 16:20:53
Yes You can do it is not easy like front camera
Posted: 30-05-2011 @ 16:27:02
no we cant do avideo call without front camera
Posted: 30-05-2011 @ 09:10:39
ya i can...................
Posted: 29-05-2011 @ 22:19:22
no .we can not do the video call without a front camera in the mobile
Posted: 29-05-2011 @ 21:24:32
Posted: 29-05-2011 @ 15:32:11
yes we can but the handset u r using must be 3G supported.there is little inconvenience during video call using back camera..
Posted: 29-05-2011 @ 11:11:23
Firstly you mustly download "IMI cat" application for mobile, then try to call by the dial mobile number with country code(+91) It sucsessfully checked in kerala try (keep balance below 15 rupees )
Posted: 29-05-2011 @ 09:16:37
No,Never .
Posted: 28-05-2011 @ 22:54:00
Yes we can. In that case we won't be able to see the person on the other side of the phone. but a clever trick can be opted here. use the wireless modem capability of your mobile phone to do the VDO calling from computer. In that way u will be able to do it without a hitch.
Posted: 28-05-2011 @ 22:37:28
Yes we can do a video call without a front camera in the mobile
Posted: 28-05-2011 @ 19:08:30
yes you can make video calling without a front camera by making your back camera towards your face.But there is a problem with it.The person who calls us only can saw us at the same time you cannot see the person who calls you.
Posted: 28-05-2011 @ 17:15:15
Posted: 28-05-2011 @ 07:47:44
no it's not possible you see receivers fsce but four face not see receivers
Posted: 28-05-2011 @ 07:40:31
no you cannot make a video call without secondry camera i.e. without any camera in front
Posted: 27-05-2011 @ 23:41:32
Posted: 27-05-2011 @ 21:53:43
ya we can do video call in all 3G mobiles without a front camera by using the camera on backside . but the problem is we cannot see video of calling person.
Posted: 27-05-2011 @ 21:44:07