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can the power button in the cabitient of a pc gets repaired?

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Answers (6)
Yes but it depand on the condition of button if it is broken than you should replace it.
Posted: 07-11-2012 @ 19:12:55
yes my dear friend power button repaired just buy from computer sperpart store new power switch and fitt in the cabinet otherwise restart switch use for on/off and power switch dont use because you more use power switch to turn on & off computer but restart you can not use daily if some time computer hang you press power button for 1 minut it's turn off but this is use when hang computer thank you friends
Posted: 26-08-2012 @ 23:35:52
no u can't repair u sud replace it
Posted: 12-08-2012 @ 02:22:22
For Some Models of cabinet the power button will be stuck or loose ...But we can solve it .....
Posted: 15-05-2012 @ 17:03:41
Yes it can be repaired only if it is struck but if it is broken it can be replaced not repaired
Posted: 07-05-2012 @ 11:03:48
yes absalutelly you can do that one
Posted: 13-02-2012 @ 22:34:40