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anybody knows the trick to unblock facebook friend request block?

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Posted: 16-12-2014 @ 14:34:21
If you want a unblock previously block friend then follow these steps to unblock a friend. 1. Login into your Facebook account. 2. Move to Account button on top right side and click on “Privacy Settings”. 3. Find a button “Block Lists” in bottom side. Click on “Edit your lists” button. 4. There is list of blocked person in Block users part. Find name which you want to unblock. 5. Click on link Unblock in front of friend name.
Posted: 21-02-2012 @ 22:10:39
Even mine had got blocked because of me sending too many requests to many unknown people. But don't worry just go to this link, i hope it will work Good Luck.
Posted: 06-02-2012 @ 14:21:15
So basically you cannot send friend requests to anyone. You will have to wait until the 30 days has elapsed before FB will allow you to send any further friend requests. But a word of advice,when the block has been lifted,only send requests over a long period of time rather than sending a lot of requests all at once,or Facebook will block you from sending out friend requests again,this time for a longer length of time than before.
Posted: 06-02-2012 @ 14:12:12
Are you the one who was blocked or was it your friend? If it was you then it will be automatically unblocked after 30 days. If it was someone else then search for them and unblock them in their profile.
Posted: 29-01-2012 @ 02:00:50