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after i connect my nokia n72 to pc my memory card currupted. What is the reason for this?

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Answers (8)
may be ur pc had a virus which was transferred to ur phone. so format ur m.card completely and then try.
Posted: 24-05-2011 @ 23:04:00
i think reason may be virous which is more effective
Posted: 24-05-2011 @ 11:59:58
Maybe a malware,spyware or virus attack.Check ur memory card with an AV works
Posted: 23-05-2011 @ 20:07:16
virus problem/memroy card problem
Posted: 23-05-2011 @ 13:23:03
You must have connected your N73 in Mass Storage mode and removed it without using 'Safe TO Remove Tool'. Disconnecting your phone during file transfer from PC to Phone or vice-versa also corrupts your memory card.
Posted: 21-05-2011 @ 23:07:48
1. You definitely have a virus in ur PC. try a good anti-virus software...
Posted: 21-05-2011 @ 21:26:53
its problem wid ur memory card....
Posted: 21-05-2011 @ 17:39:52
may be there could be a virus in ur computer it could have been transferred.
Posted: 21-05-2011 @ 10:25:15