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Wich is the best mobile app to get location in faster way of friends?

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Posted: 21-01-2015 @ 19:40:12
use googles latitude or foursquare software
Posted: 23-09-2011 @ 00:05:34
Though you have asked about mobile application I would first suggest you a more subtle way of finding the exact location of your friends. The method is easy, hassle free and offers instant information. Try the airtel friend finder service. Just dial *321*88# to activate the service for you. An sms would be sent to your friend whether he has privacy issues with being tracked. If he/she consents then you can get all information about your friend's location through ussd. You can access it whenever you want and through a technology called triangulation the location would be sent to you. The only downside is it works only for airtel to airtel and is a huge problem. The charges are Rs. 10 for 10 days. Now for the mobile application I find locimobile very useful. This application uses the gps to find the location of your friend. The apps must be installed in your friend's mobile too and he/she should give consent over being watched. Whenever you want you can open the app and it would fetch the details of your friend. Also your friend can adjust the settings to send his/her location to you at set intervals. The app is currently available only for i phone and android devices. But the downside is that the app may not provide you the exact location only a nearby or approximate description of the place the person is in.
Posted: 08-09-2011 @ 00:57:21
install Google plus and share your location with your friends and vice verse
Posted: 07-09-2011 @ 19:46:47 may help u otherwise their is no software which will give u the exact location of ur freind for free regards vivek
Posted: 06-09-2011 @ 13:34:49