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Why everybody use the words mobile and cell phone ? Is there any difference between these two words ?

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Answers (32)
Dear sriram, The device that is handheld and used to make and receive calls is variously called as mobile, cell or cell phone in different countries. they uses by different peoples at different places for same meaning
Posted: 06-08-2011 @ 06:32:23
it is the word that used only different way during conversation. there is no difference in cell phone or mobile phone.
Posted: 25-06-2011 @ 14:24:22
Both mobile and cell phone has same meaning the different places different words used for their convience
Posted: 24-06-2011 @ 15:49:35
Is micromax company an indian or chinease company?? I have doubt about it.
Posted: 24-06-2011 @ 14:22:19
Mobile means an object that can be taken to a place which means its portable......while cell phones means phones getting power through battery.....although both are related to Mobile phones so i think there is only little difference
Posted: 23-06-2011 @ 17:38:24
There is no difference...
Posted: 23-06-2011 @ 10:27:35
difference but i don't know
Posted: 22-06-2011 @ 18:17:47
Posted: 22-06-2011 @ 18:17:19
difference but i don't know
Posted: 22-06-2011 @ 18:16:55
Since mobile phones run on battery (i.e cell), we call them cellphones also..
Posted: 22-06-2011 @ 17:51:19
There is no difference in these two words.They differ in the countary itsel.
Posted: 22-06-2011 @ 17:09:27
There is no difference, just language use, which differs from country to country, so in Britain it is called a mobile, and in USA and South Africa and other places a cell phone. Even in Europe the name differs. The Germans call it a "handy", which in English has completely another meaning as an adjective, meaning useful. In Italy it is called a telofonino or "little phone".
Posted: 22-06-2011 @ 16:19:16
there is no difference but some called as mobile and some called as cell phone
Posted: 22-06-2011 @ 15:09:50
no difference
Posted: 22-06-2011 @ 14:55:13
There is nobody any difference
Posted: 22-06-2011 @ 12:28:55
no difference mobile is some what exclusive word than cell phone
Posted: 21-06-2011 @ 16:10:31
No, But...! Mobile : Any device which we can move From one place to another place is called Mobile. So, we can use the word mobile for other electronic devices. Cellphone: Cellular Telephone is the british formal name for the cell phones. Now,... you Understand what is the difference.....!
Posted: 21-06-2011 @ 14:45:09