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Why do people make questions here in TMI like they are coming from MARS? so stupid and boring questions!!!

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Answers (6)
Well its because people asking the questions are new to modern wireless technology and so they need people who have decent or lots of knowledge about wireless technology to clear their doubts.After all helping people has its own sensation.
Posted: 11-02-2012 @ 20:44:56
because the one who is answering is stupid
Posted: 16-05-2011 @ 18:51:09
ya i agree with you anil manwani
Posted: 16-05-2011 @ 14:23:01
for geting knowledge purpose
Posted: 14-05-2011 @ 00:06:24
They are discussing to earn free talk time from this site and so they are asking such a silly question thinking that they would earn some points which can be redeemed for talktime.
Posted: 13-05-2011 @ 16:24:46
Man We are Indians & indians are like this so better be habituated with this....
Posted: 11-05-2011 @ 17:39:41