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Whose 3g plans are cheap bsnl or airtel?

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Answers (21)
Both are waste
Posted: 06-03-2013 @ 18:53:42
yeah 3g is given very cheap in bsnl wen compared to airtel
Posted: 05-03-2013 @ 00:25:22
bsnl is the cheapest it gives deta 200mb to 50 rupee. And 150 rupee. For 1gb it has largest semi gevernment telecom service but there plans rate doesnt affordable for 3g service it require more network problem and net server down
Posted: 04-03-2013 @ 22:50:44
But docomo is the most cheapest
Posted: 03-03-2013 @ 13:03:39
Bsnl gives u cheaper plans rs 25 - 100 mb for 3 days Rs 50 -200mb for 7 days Rs 103- 300mb For 30 days rs 150- 1gb for 7 Days rs 251-1.25 gb for 30 days Rs450-2.5gb for 30 days rs603-3gb for 90 days
Posted: 24-02-2013 @ 14:48:55
Airtel has a large coverage area,accordingly its 3g plans are higher cost and get less data for surfing and downloading. Bsnl is a older telecom operator.its plan are cheaper but network is not strong compare to airtel. 3g plans of bsnl are cheaper but will take a long time to load pages compare to airtel 3g plan
Posted: 23-02-2013 @ 17:40:51
Aitel is best and cheap
Posted: 29-01-2013 @ 23:43:19
quality wise cheap and best is airtel
Posted: 19-01-2013 @ 15:35:13
BSNL is cheaper than Airtel
Posted: 14-12-2012 @ 09:16:36
the plans of 3g is so confusing. every company dropping some small amount and increasing price of higher pack, you can see comparison of before and now. now i recommend you to buy both sim cards of airtel and bsnl and use both for 1-2 months and decide urself that which network is giving speed better and also signal decreases in starting 3g . so its upto you and your area that which is better there. because paper specification doesn't provide real statistics.
Posted: 19-07-2012 @ 19:09:52
oh friend we know that both airtel and reliance were cut their 3G data upto 60% by reliance and airtel upto 64% 3G data were cut and now we compair airtel and bsnl i can prove that airtel is best one because less data charge and airtel gives more speed upto 14mbps and bsnl give only 2.3 mbps of average speed and all the data are more high than airtel so please turn forward to aritel indias no1 mobile network and data plan is start from 100 rs for 250mb for one day and for 250rs we get 1 GB internet for 15 days and 2 GB internet for 30 days after the data they will charge 20ps for 1 mb..have a nice look
Posted: 25-06-2012 @ 23:17:22
BSNL is cheap than airtel in some states... but in some states airtel is cheaper than BSNl
Posted: 24-06-2012 @ 20:44:04
BSNL is cheaper but BSNL 3g service is poor :(
Posted: 20-06-2012 @ 16:08:56
in airtel recharge of 450 rs. you get 2 gb 3g data with validity of 30 days & in bsnl recharge of 499 rs. you get 2 gb 3g data with validity of 30 days
Posted: 17-06-2012 @ 17:05:28
Air tel have slashed down their 3G Tariff friends, So, Now Airtel provides Cheapest 3G plans . Hoping BSNL reply for it
Posted: 14-06-2012 @ 13:58:13
BSNL are reliable and cheap
Posted: 13-06-2012 @ 16:35:39
Hai frend ! India cheap 3g plans and the best networke BSNL
Posted: 13-06-2012 @ 15:21:50