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Which one is better ANDROID phones or JAVA phones..?

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Answers (5)
Dear, ANDROID IS FAR BETTER THAN JAVA , HERE IS SOME POINTS THAT ADVANCE ANDROID OVER JAVA. --> BROWSER: The default web browser on Android is noticeably faster than the JAVA one, specifically for large websites. ---> CONNECTIVITY : Android is Build Upon to Support WI-FI Communication and Also Great For Bluetooth Connections. ---> NOTIFICATIONS: The top of the display on Android devices is for notifications. In a small strip, you can easily see the time, battery level, signal strength, system indicators (GPS, WiFi, etc), ---> APPLICATIONS: Andorid has Wide Range Of Featured Rich Application Which can be Downloaded From Adroid Market Easily. ---> ONSCREEN KEYBOARD: The onscreen keyboards on Android were clearly designed for touch – specifically the portrait QWERTY. ---> OS UPDATE: This is a Point Which Dominates Symbian Completely. Android OS is Updated time by time through Air to Air. There is no need to find a Windows-powered PC or any of that – it’s all done over-the-air.
Posted: 31-08-2011 @ 08:31:35
android is best bcoz its more user friendly as compared to java phones
Posted: 06-05-2011 @ 22:57:31
Posted: 24-04-2011 @ 15:32:21
of course aAndroid is better choice.
Posted: 22-04-2011 @ 22:46:29
Android phones are best as they provide great features on your mobile.
Posted: 21-04-2011 @ 14:40:45