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Which mobile brand is the topper in best Android phones?

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Answers (38)
lenovo mobiles is best quality hardware and smooth mobile others mobile brand not a good
Posted: 09-10-2015 @ 22:54:30
samusung is the best in terms of quality and brand value. karbon is best interms of features and micromax is a good competitor with karbon. so you have to mention the criteria to choose the best. but i think you should go with samsung.
Posted: 21-03-2013 @ 01:02:30
A survey by CyberMedia group's Voice&Data finds that none of the Indian handset players could face the stiff competition, barring Karbonn and Lava. "Indian mobile phone brands that had hoped to make a mark by sourcing Chinese handsets and selling them only on the price plank were in for a big surprise. These players will have to quickly rethink their product, marketing and service strategy afresh to put their house in order," Ibrahim Ahmad, Group Editor, Voice & Data said.
Posted: 14-11-2012 @ 16:48:22
Samsung is the best
Posted: 14-11-2012 @ 16:44:05
it is samsung note pad 2 which a very high quality android phone
Posted: 14-11-2012 @ 08:47:08
As from price point of view, samsung is best. But in function wise, sony is better. So when compared i think samsung is the best because it is in reach of every person.
Posted: 12-11-2012 @ 11:23:06
Now market is going with samsung for is d only one brand who is giving best android set with effective cost.other phones like micromax and china companis mobile are chiep cost but samsung is the most branded among samsung is the best choice for android.....
Posted: 11-11-2012 @ 09:06:18
Samsung is best in android phones and there is no doubt about it. There phones have great design, light and thin and can do most of the amazing features.
Posted: 07-11-2012 @ 16:17:05
Hi friends, I think most of them have samsung mobiles.
Posted: 07-11-2012 @ 11:34:42
Posted: 28-10-2012 @ 11:41:36
samsung and htc
Posted: 24-10-2012 @ 23:25:40
It's absolutely samsung,no doubt and samsung because 1)its a brand like by many 2)is reviling many new features and in a cheap price
Posted: 21-10-2012 @ 19:29:25
I like SAMSUNG galaxy .
Posted: 18-10-2012 @ 07:53:48
sony is the best brand in android phones
Posted: 17-10-2012 @ 02:24:55
It's absolutely samsung,no doubt
Posted: 17-10-2012 @ 00:50:03
toppers talks about the highend phones and invention. samsung is the globel leader in smartphone market presently.
Posted: 16-10-2012 @ 22:52:52
i think micromax they are launching great android phones in low price range and having great specification compare to samsun and other brands
Posted: 16-10-2012 @ 17:27:02