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Which is the fastest net usage available at present?

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Cable---- Unlike DSL and dial-up access, a cable connection does not use your phone lines to connect to the Internet. Instead, the connection is made via a basic coaxial cable through your cable provider. With a cable connection, the user's distance from the cable provider is unimportant since it relies upon the use of a digital network to connect to the Internet. However, depending upon the amount of people using the network, the connection speed can vary--in other words, the more people on your network, the slower your connection. Generally, a cable connection will give you a speed of about 400k.
Posted: 26-03-2012 @ 16:50:27
Airtel is the fastest net usage available at present.
Posted: 26-03-2012 @ 14:35:06
photon+ -I think its upto 3.2 MBPS
Posted: 27-09-2011 @ 14:39:00
Reliance Netconnect Broadband + promises to be the fastest wireless internet connection in India with a speed up to 3.1 Mbps, which is almost 20 times faster than common internet connection in India. It also supports upload speed up to 1.8 Mbps. Reliance Netconnect Broadband + USB Modems are priced at Rs 3500 with two months of free unlimited internet connection. It is available with more than 7 usage options starting from Rs 299 and going up to Rs 1750. Benefits of Reliance Netconnect Broadband + Wireless Broadband for Laptops & Desktops 20 times faster with speed up to 3.1 Mpbs Simply Plug & Play Fastest uploads at a speed up to 1.8Mbps Seamless network across 20,000 towns and 4.5 lakhs villages
Posted: 27-09-2011 @ 11:28:21
photon+ -I think its upto 3.2 MBPS
Posted: 27-09-2011 @ 09:59:12
In 2g network the fastest speeds are provided by tata docomo. Moreover tata docomo spots the cheapest offers in India. The speeds vary anything from 25 to 30 kbps and sometimes they reach beyond 40kbps too. This means you can download full movies within two hours or so. In other networks like airtel or aircel or bsnl you get low speeds like 5 to 15 kbps and stuff like movies may take 7 to 8 hours. The next in speed is idea with the maximum speed being 30kbps. Idea is not cheap though. Idea provides 2gb at rs97 but docomo provides 6gb at the same price. The third on this list is vodafone but you get bad 2g network always in vodafone. In 3g also docomo is the speediest but the cheapest is bsnl.
Posted: 27-09-2011 @ 08:02:59

for land line users it will be BSNL
Posted: 27-09-2011 @ 03:28:37
Posted: 06-07-2011 @ 18:57:25
aritel broadband
Posted: 04-07-2011 @ 09:58:41
google chrome and bsnl broadband
Posted: 04-07-2011 @ 09:50:03
google chrome and bsnl broadband
Posted: 04-07-2011 @ 09:49:55
Posted: 04-07-2011 @ 09:25:32
Posted: 04-07-2011 @ 09:04:23
Posted: 02-07-2011 @ 21:13:50
reliance broadband
Posted: 01-07-2011 @ 17:57:38 time wen u ask a qstion be more specific
Posted: 01-07-2011 @ 17:22:25
Undoubtedly BSNL Broad band is the best in fixed line and airtel is in mobile
Posted: 01-07-2011 @ 17:13:30