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Which is the best service provider that gives high speed internet at low rates when compared to other providers in India?

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Careful with Vodafone about their new data plans. They attract u by providing information just enough to satisfy u that makes u to activate such data plans in ur handset believing it is the best. But the truth is the actual nature of that new data plan would only be notified to u only when u contact Customer Care. If u don't do so & avail the data plan believing the information displayed in ur handset they would suck ur money.
Posted: 10-07-2014 @ 00:52:16
For the past few months I've been facing many problems with Vodafone. Most times I can't download a file completely. It is always getting interrupted in the middle. That made me to complain 198 twice a month. But the Customer Care Executives always use blabber the same set of instructions which they expect us to do with our device, for example clearing the Cache memory, saving new settings in our device etc. But if u insist them to file a complaint they do, but when the call u after a period of time, within which they promised that our problem would be cleared, if u say that the problem persists still they only say that everything possible has been done from their side. But the truth is u would be complaining them again, irritated by their poor data service. As they convinced me that my handset is the cause for the problem I also tried downloading changing my Sim Card to another device. It is of no use as the problem remains unaltered.
Posted: 10-07-2014 @ 00:39:27
Who said that Aircel's 128 Rs PI plan is unlimited! It only provides 650 MB data for 14 days validity. Provide the information properly, else don't post. This PI plan is as per Tamilnadu
Posted: 09-07-2014 @ 23:58:33
TATA Photon plus is worse. I am checking on internet to find out which service provider is better as I am fed up of TATA. I am in Maninagar Area, Ahmedabad. I consistently get less than 250 Kbps speed for almost all the time. There are intermittent net disconnections keep on occurring. And yeah, it is not a problem of signal strength of buffer of my laptop. Signal strength is fantastic (5 bars showing on on the photon connect window). My plan is 10 GB so I should get high-speed but it almost never happen. Forget even dreams of 2-3 Mbps! Their customer service has become the worst in the last 1 year or so. Extremely horrible! Hell with TATA... If you don't believe, try photon plus yourself. TATA lagao, khud jaan jaao! aah....aah!!! And yeah, aircel 3G is yet not available here. So dont talk abt it. Who said that 250 Rs plan of TATA is the best? It is so called 3G till 1GB data and capped after it. Moreover, 250 worth of talktime but what about the charges per min? Be smart and know these thugs.
Posted: 01-03-2013 @ 13:27:14
Posted: 19-01-2013 @ 13:10:47
Father of all plans is Tata Docomo plan of Rs. 250 which provides 250 Rs. Full talktime(life time validity) + unlimited 3G data. I assure u about this no plan cant beat this.
Posted: 15-01-2013 @ 11:40:03

Do u know that bsnl provides the best speed rs 7 recharge with 2 days validity 100 mb, if ur sim is 3G this plan works on that providing you the super fast speed of 3G it really works u try.
Posted: 14-01-2013 @ 10:15:57
No doubt that Aircel provides low rates internet with good speed, but it has limitation of coverage and network which is very big constraint. Airtel provides you very good speed internet with hands down best coverage throughout India. Rate is also not much high. so airtel will be good option for constant high speed internet and much redundant performance.
Posted: 09-01-2013 @ 15:56:24
Posted: 03-01-2013 @ 22:20:33
airce provides unlimited internet at a speed upto 3.6mbps for 30 days on recharge with rs.128 pocket internet.
Posted: 03-01-2013 @ 14:32:32
With plenty of infrastructure resources, experience and planning BSNL has always managed to attract consumers by offering lowest price in its class tariffs for their DataOne connections compared to their competitors.
Posted: 03-01-2013 @ 10:26:52
aircel gives unlimited 3G internet for 30 days on recharge of Rs. 128 its really unlimited with no hidden charges
Posted: 02-01-2013 @ 15:19:29
vodafone. it was give unlimited with full hi speed ,just rs.147
Posted: 27-12-2012 @ 14:53:41
Vodafone is very fast internet but low ratet plan is aircel unlimited
Posted: 15-12-2012 @ 20:16:22
Aircel. It has bestest plan and high speed internet service. Even in 2g it gives high speed surfing and downloading at vry least rates.
Posted: 21-09-2012 @ 10:36:23
Bharti Airtel, the world's fifth largest telecoms company by subscribers, was awarded the best quality mobile network provider at the National Telecom Awards held in the national capital recently. Bharti Airtel that has operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa said that the Communication, Multimedia and Infrastructure Association of India (CMAI) had recognized it as a winner in the categories of StarNews Viewers Choice Best MobileNetwork and Best Quality Mobile Network Service Provider at the 6th edition of National Telecom Awards 2012.
Posted: 13-09-2012 @ 15:47:35
I think the best speeds in 2g is provided by bsnl so anyone looking for best internet experience go for it and it has decent plans too 200mb for 13rs for 3days and 1gb for 30days for 98 and second i think vodafone for best speeds
Posted: 14-05-2012 @ 21:14:47