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Which is cheapest mobile with 'wifi' option?

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Answers (17)
You Can have multiple types of mobiles and other electronic products at huge discount or on EMI's.. u don't need to pay any amount on purchase.
Posted: 22-04-2013 @ 17:05:36
samsung star 3 only 3000 rs with wifi
Posted: 13-04-2013 @ 14:34:40
Posted: 12-04-2013 @ 14:07:43
any china make
Posted: 10-04-2013 @ 10:30:59
1. micromex a57. 2. micromex ninja a50 3. sony erricsion. 4. Samsung star 3 duos. 5. Nokia asha 311,6. nokia c3-00 and etc.
Posted: 08-04-2013 @ 12:41:41
Samsung star 3 duos
Posted: 07-04-2013 @ 13:07:40
micromex a57. micromex ninja a50 sony erricsion
Posted: 17-03-2013 @ 11:10:10
Micromax ninja a50 at 4000,samsung star 3 duos,micromax ninja a57
Posted: 09-02-2013 @ 19:58:28
Micromax a57 rate 4500rs
Posted: 15-12-2012 @ 21:20:55
all the given models are having wifi option & less than 6000 MICROMAX Q7 SPICE MI 280 LAVA B8 SAMSUNG CHAT 527 S5270 SPICE QT68
Posted: 10-10-2012 @ 20:02:25
samsung wave 525, a brand to trust and the reliabilty of good battery, a BADA operating system
Posted: 17-08-2012 @ 22:58:00
Nokia asha 311,nokia c3-00
Posted: 14-08-2012 @ 15:46:18
Nokia asha 311
Posted: 09-08-2012 @ 10:17:50
Some of Nokia asha phones have wifi and are cheap. Nokia will soom launch first full touch capacitive screen S40 phone with wifi which will also be cheap and fast with 1mhz processor.
Posted: 09-08-2012 @ 10:17:23
hai friend the cheapest mobile phone with wifi is micromax but t is not smartphone but samsung wave 525 is the cheapest smartphone with wifi and It is run on os is bada .......and all apps like facebook chat,nimbus,nextgo, and very smart internet with 400mhz proccesser
Posted: 04-08-2012 @ 00:26:17
Micromax Q7 is cheapest mobile with 'wifi' option. has a 2 megapixel camera, full Qwerty keypad and a 2.4 inch screen. There is a 3.5 mm jack for connecting the headset for audio output, and an FM radio, video and music player for entertainment. Q7 supports Edge and Bluetooth other than WiFi for connectivity. There are social media apps like Facebook, Nimbuzz, and it also sports Opera Mini browser. The phone has an 800 mAh battery that lasts fairly long, and all this is available at a price of just Rs 3,005.
Posted: 02-08-2012 @ 11:14:23
You can go with HTC Explorer @Rs.8200 and it has wifi....
Posted: 02-08-2012 @ 10:24:59