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Which is best android phones in world?

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Hi... * My Friend bought a new mobile Sony xperia z in last week but that mobile touch isn't working correctly so you avoid to buy that mobile. * Samsung grand is the best mobile to buy. camera quality also good. and android version also good in that mobile.
Posted: 09-01-2014 @ 21:19:56
Nexus 5 is currently the best android phone in the world. Some people would say Note 3 but it is just too awkward to hold or use the nexus has better display, ultrafast processor, more than sufficient amount of RAM,latest android,...... the list never ends!
Posted: 09-01-2014 @ 14:09:46
In the world i think Apple is more famous and popular. But in my personal experience Panasonic mobile phones are also quite popular. recently Panasonic introduces best range of android mobiles. Explore Panasonic mobile phone in Detail: -
Posted: 08-01-2014 @ 16:42:46
Samsung galaxy s5
Posted: 07-01-2014 @ 19:05:34
according to me no mobile is best as it has it's own cons when compared to others.but as per benchmarks and hardware we can call few mobiles as best they are ericson z1 5 3.note 3
Posted: 03-01-2014 @ 22:49:25
I think smasung galaxy S4,Galaxy note 3, Google nexus 5 ..etc are the best ones out there........Don't go for LG....these handset gets complants more often.....Nexus is google's own handset with pure version of android....Other manufactures's mod th android version and load it with bloatware its becomes a mess sometimes...Moreover nexus phones would get every new update of android version released from google...........So my personal recommendation :Google nexus 5.
Posted: 30-12-2013 @ 12:49:35
Lg G2
Posted: 23-12-2013 @ 00:35:18
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Posted: 23-12-2013 @ 00:22:55
The Nexus 5 takes the very best that Google has to offer and wraps it in a dull, plastic shell. It gives us the sweet nectar that is stock Android but presents it to us in a generic body that doesn’t feel special. The phone is excellent and can easily hold its own against Samsung’s Galaxy S4, Apple’s iPhones, and all of Nokia’s Lumias, but there’s little here that we haven’t already seen in other high-end smartphones. If it weren’t for the software, the Nexus 5 would be just another Android phone.
Posted: 20-12-2013 @ 03:46:19
Lg g2 and nexus 5
Posted: 19-12-2013 @ 13:23:47
Its simply If Android Comes from Google Then Google Nexus -5 is best android phone ever.. It comes with latest android 4.4 kitkat , also ready for any future update . also as compare to any android device present in market with present specification the price is low too..
Posted: 17-12-2013 @ 17:08:22
No one can reply Samsung but according to me Samsung is best in android phones.. Checkout all android phones
Posted: 22-10-2013 @ 13:34:47
In terms of quality its htc one but samsung galaxy s4 is better because of good after sales service and a lot of features most of which may never be used.
Posted: 01-05-2013 @ 21:59:00
please help me I am confused between HTC one and Samsung galaxy s4... how's HTC's service in india? in HTC one can battery be replaced by service center if it gets weak after long use? are there any bugs reported in HTC one? is HTC one's camera fine ....
Posted: 29-04-2013 @ 19:34:27
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