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Which app best for ram boosting

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Hi, I'm using this new App called Dr. Booster by Trend Micro. It is very effective since it boosts the performance of the games i play. Check it out: Not sure if linking is allowed here. anyways thanks try it out.
Posted: 05-04-2015 @ 21:13:48
I use 7Zipper for extracting and compressing files in my android phone. It has a built-in file manager, FTP Client, HTTP Server, Task Killer, Default file launch manager and Root Explorer. It even provides some advanced functions if your android device is rooted. Now, even though it is not appearing to be a hi-fi app for RAM boosting, believe me it is very light weight and does its functioning very well. Apart from that it is multipurpose. After trying many other famous RAM boosting app I have selected 7Zipper due to its high effectiveness. The other apps are themselves very heavy most of the times and either closes the system applications without optimizing or worse they lie about RAM clearing. On checking the RAM released value via system settings, 7Zipper provided most appreciable esults. Give it a try! Here is the link :
Posted: 16-03-2015 @ 00:36:01

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Posted: 13-12-2014 @ 09:43:14
360 clean security is a good one.
Posted: 27-11-2014 @ 17:38:54
ram booster or du smart booster or 360 clean security
Posted: 02-09-2014 @ 16:51:46
Posted: 11-08-2014 @ 01:06:49
The clean master app it deletes unwanted files and increases RAM in android for java mobiles download memory booster app to get your RAM back
Posted: 21-07-2014 @ 15:40:48