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When did the telicom services were started in India?

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In 1850 electric telegraph was introduced between kolkata & diamond 1851 it was run for british east india company.
Posted: 20-09-2011 @ 22:25:10
it was introduced in india in 1851and came into use in 1881.....
Posted: 18-09-2011 @ 16:17:20
In 1850, the first experimental electric telegraph line was started between Kolkata and Diamond Harbor. In 1851, it was opened for the use of the British East India Company.
Posted: 10-09-2011 @ 09:49:59
In 1880, two telephone companies namely The Oriental Telephone Company Ltd. and The Anglo-Indian Telephone Company Ltd. approached the Government of India to establish telephone exchanges in India. The permission was refused on the grounds that the establishment of telephones was a Government monopoly and that the Government itself would undertake the work. In 1881, the Government later reversed its earlier decision and a licence was granted to the Oriental Telephone Company Limited of England for opening telephone exchanges at Calcutta, Bombay, Madras and Ahmedabad and the first formal telephone service was established in the country.[13] On the 28th January 1882, Major E. Baring, Member of the Governor General of India's Council declared open the Telephone Exchanges in Calcutta, Bombay and Madras. The exchange in Calcutta named the "Central Exchange", was opened at third floor of the building at 7, Council House Street, with a total of 93 subscribers. Later that year, Bombay also witnessed the opening of a telephone exchange.
Posted: 30-07-2011 @ 11:15:20
in 1881
Posted: 28-06-2011 @ 17:35:02
In 1881 the telecom services were started in India
Posted: 28-06-2011 @ 15:38:12
In 1881
Posted: 27-06-2011 @ 14:53:45