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What would happen if I use more than one anti-virus in any android phone(will it affect the speed)?

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Posted: 21-01-2015 @ 08:10:48
yes it will affect the phones speed coz it will uses ur mobile ram....if u r trying to access any app or file both AV programmes will scan that means it take double time ......
Posted: 22-09-2011 @ 23:56:21
2 Antivirus in pc makes problem, But in android mobiles you can run many antiviruses. I'm actually runnig two currently. Your phone hangs then it is the problem of your processor or ram.
Posted: 22-09-2011 @ 15:59:32
Nothing to fear dude, you can run three at a time. i am using avg & netqin on a 600 mhz processor. it won't affect functionality, processing.
Posted: 22-09-2011 @ 15:54:38
yes it will be effect because anti-virus key always keep running
Posted: 22-09-2011 @ 13:00:12
Of course, it reduces the performance of the phone and also there will be a clash among the antivirus softwares. One antivirus will show the other antivirus software as virus, because each want to get the highest priority for running in the mobile. It mainly reduces the speed and performance.
Posted: 21-09-2011 @ 11:03:47
no bro it wont :) it will only when its scanning
Posted: 20-09-2011 @ 22:15:33
As you are well aware of the fact that if we use more than one anti virus in pc the system has a tendency to crash. It runs very slow, takes time in executing even the simplest of actions and the intended functions of virus detection may also be hampered. An android device which has much lower processing capacities than a pc is much more delicate. You cannot use more than one anti virus on the phone. The speed would become slow, the phone would crash more often and the joy of owning a lightning fast android phone would become non existent.
Posted: 20-09-2011 @ 19:05:06
ya sure it will affect the speed of the phone surely . install only one or two anti virus on your phone thats enough for your phone..
Posted: 20-09-2011 @ 17:50:45