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What is the processor used inside the SAKSHAT tablet the Indian 35$ tab?

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Connexant with Graphics accelerator is the name opf the processor used in sakshat.
Posted: 09-10-2011 @ 20:44:37
366 MHz Conexant with Graphics accelerator and HD video processor.
Posted: 09-10-2011 @ 20:28:27
366 MHz unit from Conexant but to improve performance there is a HD video Co-Processor and graphic accelerator and 256 MB RAM, the retail version will have faster 600 MHz processor from ST Micro electronics.
Posted: 08-10-2011 @ 14:27:47
Actually it is Aakash, earlier it was reportedly said to be Sakshat. It has Android 2.2 Froyo operating system. While it has a very small 366 MHz processor, to improve performance there is an HD video co-processor and graphic accelerator, and 256 MB of RAM.
Posted: 07-10-2011 @ 15:54:49
366 MHz ARM processor with on chip Graphics accelerator and HD Video processor...
Posted: 06-10-2011 @ 15:39:35
The cheapest tablet has been rebranded as akash from sakshat. The base version which will be provided to students at 50% discount will consist of a tiny winy processor of 366 MHz. The processor comes from from Conexant. Its too small compared to the android phones which sport a 1.2 ghz processor but they come priced at above 25k. However rest assured as there is high definition video co-Processor, a graphic accelerator and the tablet comes with 256 MB RAM. The commercial version which will be launched in late november will sport a 600 MHz processor from STMicro electronics and is a real relief. The commercial version will be priced anything between 2.5 k to 3k but still its a cheaper deal comparing with even mts's cheapest android phones at 5k. The tablets are nothing in front of apple's i pad and other big names with resistive touch screens and tiny processors but offer a big deal more than their price tag would normally offer. You will get only a nokia black and white phone at rs 1600 but now students are going to get akash at rs 1225 only.
Posted: 06-10-2011 @ 15:01:19
THE PROCESSOR USED IN SAKSHAT TABLET:-) 366 Mhz processor ;on chip Graphics accelerator and HDVideo processor..
Posted: 06-10-2011 @ 12:37:48
news that has come out – The price of the MHRD’s "Aakash" Tablet is going to be Rs. 2276 and it will be available in retail . It was previously $35[india 1100rs. For student] "AAKASH" Tablet Hardware Specifications *. Processor: 336 Mhz Connexant with Graphics accelerator and HD Video co-processor & graphics Accelerator *. Memory: 256 mb ram *. Storage (internal) : 2Gb *. Ports: 2 USB 2.0 ports *. Audio: 3.5 mm audio jack *. Display: 7” resistive touch Screen *. Resolution: 800X480 resolution *. Connectivity: GPRS and Wifi *. Battery Backup: Upto 180 minutes on battery >Aakash Tablet Software Specifications *. OS: Android 2.2 *. Office Document Support *. Audio / Video / Image support *. PDF Viewer & Text Editor *. and other standard software supported by Android OS. ########################### another modem inbuilts +key device Solar Tablet for Rs 3000 from BEL [The Bharat Slate] will be available for retail with key bord , modem and gprs sim and $10 teblet also under project in a news shown..,, a
Posted: 06-10-2011 @ 03:17:02
366 Mhz Conexant Procressor is used in Akash Tablet
Posted: 05-10-2011 @ 19:04:18
it has a very small processor of 366 MHz unit (from Conexant) but to improve performance there is a HD video Co-Processor and graphic accelerator and 256 MB RAM. The retail version to be launched in November will have faster 600 MHz processor from ST Micro electronics.
Posted: 05-10-2011 @ 18:40:23