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What is the meaning of 3gp?

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Answers (27)
3rd generation patnership project. It is abrivation. And it is used for reduce the vedio side and it comfortable play in a mobile devices
Posted: 19-12-2012 @ 17:20:07
3 Generation Partnership Project
Posted: 19-12-2012 @ 16:33:39
3gp is a format for video files consumming low memory
Posted: 19-12-2012 @ 15:50:41
3rd generation partnership
Posted: 19-12-2012 @ 07:57:38
3rd generation protocol
Posted: 19-12-2012 @ 07:50:48
3rd generation protocol
Posted: 18-12-2012 @ 15:21:48
3rd generation protocol
Posted: 18-12-2012 @ 09:21:44
3gp is a simple video format used in all low range phones in which videosvan ne is of low quality format.still in 3gp there are various types divided by the quality of video.among them 3gp xvid codec is of good clarity.
Posted: 15-12-2012 @ 14:26:15
3gp is a format for video files consuming low memory
Posted: 14-12-2012 @ 22:12:39
3rd generation protocol
Posted: 14-12-2012 @ 17:02:43
3gp means a very bad quality video in small memory space and also bad quality of vioce
Posted: 14-12-2012 @ 16:45:31
3G means third generation of development in wireless technology Third generation is a family of standards for mobile telecommunication
Posted: 14-12-2012 @ 07:51:23
3gp formate is useful for such mobiles which dont support other hd files 3gp are low space and less video clearity
Posted: 13-12-2012 @ 14:58:04
A container format that is a simplified version of the MPEG-4 (MP4) format that uses less storage and bandwidth for better streaming on mobile phones.
Posted: 11-12-2012 @ 09:52:43
Posted: 10-12-2012 @ 14:48:39
3GP is a extension of a particular video format 3GP stands for 3rd generation partnership project. In 3GP video format contain H.263 video and amr audio format. This format is basically developed for record video in very small format for mobile device for MMS or capture more video in low storage Like mobiles. Its picture quality is very poor & small to watch this video format in computer you should have compatible codec like K-Lite codec pack for watch. But today you can create HD video(720p and 1020p) from some mobile device.
Posted: 06-12-2012 @ 18:07:57
As mp3 is a format for sound files, similarly 3gp is a format for video files consuming low memory than other formats such as avi, mp4 etc. Most of the mobile phones support 3gp formats even if they do not support mp4 or avi format
Posted: 01-12-2012 @ 11:44:32