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What is the maximum negative balance which is possible in Airtel??

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Answers (15)
at presently all telecom companies not have negative balance facility balance is not gone below 0 rupees
Posted: 17-06-2012 @ 17:19:06
It may be only one rupee is the maximum negative balance which is possible in Airtel.
Posted: 05-05-2012 @ 15:25:55
may be 1 rupee only.
Posted: 03-05-2012 @ 16:41:21
The only time my balance goes negative is when to I subscribe to some services like music, or radio or any value added service and my balance is low. Generally they charge 30 rupees and depending on the number of value added services on your number your balance can go to as much negative as possible. For me the maximum negative balance was -27.58. Your balance never goes negative for using gprs in Airtel.
Posted: 30-08-2011 @ 20:58:28
I was charged around Rs-15 negative..So Airtel tells that It can go on taking negative balance.
Posted: 23-08-2011 @ 18:41:19
i think at last deduction of the balance showing (-)ve.
Posted: 19-08-2011 @ 11:58:07
it depend upon that at the time your bal. is going to negative what application you used
Posted: 12-08-2011 @ 02:22:38
Its depends on the provider plan that how much they are giving you credit balance.
Posted: 11-08-2011 @ 10:59:16
as i am using airtel so as par my view airtel deducted all my RS balance plus negative bal has reached to RS -76.and the maximum minus balance is not can go to 200 and 300 also
Posted: 10-08-2011 @ 19:33:30
In case of excess paid types negative balance then there in no limit in post paid number.
Posted: 10-08-2011 @ 18:11:36
Once i had -10.47Rs. as my balance. so the negative balance will be around -10Rs.
Posted: 10-08-2011 @ 18:09:20
10 rupees. it depends on the call you've made.
Posted: 10-08-2011 @ 14:06:31
it depends on conditions. While calling, the the limit is rs. 0.00 .
Posted: 10-08-2011 @ 09:42:49
Posted: 09-08-2011 @ 23:28:15
there is no range for negetive balance in any is unlimited.
Posted: 09-08-2011 @ 15:01:01