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What is the difference between NETBOOKS and LAPTOPS?

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Posted: 31-12-2014 @ 10:13:28
A netbook is small,and cheap. However, they are cheapfor a reason. The hardware in them is not too good.Most have a singlecore, low clocked CPU. Second, most only have 1GB of RAM. Lastly, the most spaceyou can get ina hard driveis 160GB. Netbooks are made to be a second computer, whichyou bring with you type your papers, or watchsome videos. Whereas alaptop is meantto be your primary computer, whichcan be used for basically everything.
Posted: 30-05-2012 @ 12:54:59
i think netbook have not cd or dvd rom and in the laptops have all thigs
Posted: 18-04-2012 @ 12:03:01
Netbooks: Less powerfull. Cheaper. Lighter. Smaller. Cooler (temp wise). Use less power. Most netbooks do not have a cd/dvd drive, and it is mainly used by businessmen with light e-mailing, web browsing nd basic gaming purposes. Notebooks: More Powerful. More expensive. Usually heavier. Bigger. Usually hotter. Usually use more power. Laptops can be used by anyone and everyone of us.
Posted: 26-03-2012 @ 21:38:16
Netbooks are only about the size of an A5 piece of paper, And you can only use Internet explorer on them and can't use programs. You don't usually have a CD/DVD drive on a Netbook, they are very light weight. Laptops are much bigger but you can use Internet Explorer and install programs. on a laptop you have a usb drives and a CD/DVD drive Overall If you are looking to only go on the Internet get a notebook, but if you want to type and have a cd drive etc... a Laptop is better
Posted: 26-03-2012 @ 13:03:02