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What is the command number of see Mobiles IMEI NUMBER?

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Answers (10)
Posted: 19-08-2013 @ 18:06:28
*#06# for most of the indian . Nokia or china phones. But it doesn't work on samsung phones.
Posted: 11-12-2012 @ 19:30:50
Posted: 10-12-2012 @ 21:38:51
Just need to dail *#06# on your mobile screen and it will show you IMEI number of you mobile phone.
Posted: 06-12-2012 @ 10:34:33
*#06#.Remember imei is specificlly for gsm mobiles and not for cdma mobiles...
Posted: 05-12-2012 @ 11:54:24
*#06# is the command to see imei number and it works in all mobiles
Posted: 04-12-2012 @ 22:04:33
*#06#.Remember imei is specificlly for gsm mobiles and not for cdma.If your phone gets lost or stolen imei no. is a useful tool to trace it.
Posted: 04-12-2012 @ 20:39:19
Posted: 02-12-2012 @ 22:33:03
In order to see ur Imei no. u must dial *#06# from ur mobile handset
Posted: 02-12-2012 @ 09:57:03
Having your cell phone or tablet stolen is not just a bad day at the zoo, it potentially compromises your safety and security. Thanks to the FCC(back in the age of the dinosaurs, theearly '80s), Electronic Serial Numbers were created to give a unique identifiers to mobile devices. Since then, usage of mobile devices has exploded, and the Electronic Serial Number of yore became the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) and the MEID (Mobile Equipment ID—a super set of IMEI) of today. If a phone, iPad, or other mobile device is stolen, carriers in some countries can blacklist the IMEI or MEID so that the thief cannot use the phone in any capacity (regardless of whether or not the SIM card has beenreplaced). This is a number you should keep on file, in a secure place,should the need ever arise. We'll show you a few tips on how to do this.
Posted: 02-12-2012 @ 01:41:17