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What is Tablets ? How it is differ from mobile ?

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Tablats are more than mobile but less than laptop size of compter.
Posted: 03-04-2011 @ 05:00:48

-Tablets are just like mini portable laptops which we can carry withour self .
Posted: 03-04-2011 @ 04:58:14

Latest varsion of Laptop.
Posted: 02-04-2011 @ 22:03:29

Not a personal computer it is like a mini personal computer.
Posted: 02-04-2011 @ 22:02:44

DynaTAC 8000x
Posted: 01-04-2011 @ 21:37:10
A tablet personal computer (tablet PC) is a portable personal computer equipped with a touchscreen as a primary input device[1] and designed to be operated and owned by an individual.[2] The term was made popular as a concept presented by Microsoft in 2001,[3] but tablet PCs now refer to any tablet-sized personal computer, even if it's not using Windows but another PC operating system.[4] Tablets may use virtual keyboards and handwriting recognition for text input through the touchscreen. All tablet personal computers have a wireless adapter for Internet and local network connection. Software applications for tablet PCs include office suites,[5] web browsers,[6] games and a variety of applications. However, since portable computer hardware components are low powered, demanding PC applications may not provide an ideal experience to the user.[7] A mobile phone (also called mobile, cellular telephone, or cell phone) is an electronic device used to make mobile telephone calls across a wide geographic area. Mobile phones are different from cordless telephones, which only offer telephone service within a limited range of a fixed land line, for example within a home or an office. A mobile phone can make and receive telephone calls to and from the public telephone network which includes other mobiles and fixed-line phones across the world. It does this by connecting to a cellular network owned by a mobile network operator. In addition to functioning as a telephone, a modern mobile phone typically supports additional services such as SMS (or text) messaging, MMS, e-mail and Internet access; short-range wireless (infrared or Bluetooth) communications; as well as business and gaming applications, and photography. Mobile phones that offer advanced computing abilities are referred to as smartphones. The first handheld mobile phone was demonstrated by Dr. Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973, using a handset weighing 2 kg.[1] In 1983, the DynaTAC 8000x was the first to be commercially available. In the twenty years from 1990 to 2010, worldwide mobile phone subscriptions grew from 12.4 million to over 4.6 billion, penetrating the developing economies and reaching the bottom of the economic pyramid.[2][3]
Posted: 01-04-2011 @ 17:44:30
tablets are just like portable laptops which we can carry withour self ,it is different from mobiles because it is big in size and contaian more functions and memory
Posted: 01-04-2011 @ 16:48:04
tablets are known as a mini computer they are the advance version of mobile is said to be a conecting device where an tablet is a reliable perfomence machine .a tablet is best in multi-tasking then compared to mobiles
Posted: 01-04-2011 @ 11:52:36