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What is HLR ?

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Home Location Register
Posted: 15-04-2011 @ 15:54:27
HLR is the Home Location Register for GSM and CDMA wireless networks. It is responsible for the authentication and authorisation of subscribers and their services.
Posted: 15-04-2011 @ 12:20:52
(Home Location Register) A database in a cellular system that contains all the subscribers within the provider's home service area. When a subscriber reaches a new service area, the data in the HLR is requested and transferred via SS7 to the VLR (Visitor Location Register) in the new area.
Posted: 15-04-2011 @ 03:32:41
The home location register (HLR) is a central database that contains details of each mobile phone subscriber that is authorized to use the GSM core network.
Posted: 14-04-2011 @ 21:16:29
The Home Location Register (HLR) is the main database of permanent subscriber information for a mobile network.
Posted: 14-04-2011 @ 19:28:02