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What are the various uses of the tablet ?

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The term tablet PC may refer to: Tablet computer, a kind of mobile computers, usually having a touchscreen or pen-enabled interface A tablet personal computer, a class of tablet which runs an adapted version of a desktop operating system . The tablet PC computers are expected to be the big thing for 2011, with many manufacturers entering the market with either a Google Android or Microsoft operating systems installed on the portable devices. The biggest question seems to be what can you use the tablet PC for? There are many uses and it will very likely differ considerably from person to person. For some people the tablet PC is all about portability. They want something bigger than a smartphone and they want to get on the Internet. There are two different kinds of tablet PC for Android OS. One is the Wi-fi only and the other will have Wi-fi and 3G or 4G mobile service. It can get tricky from there. If a person still wants to use a mobile most of the time, they may want to have a mobile smartphone that can work as a wi-fi hotspot for your other devices, such as a tablet. For others users one device may be all they want, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab offers both the mobile service as well as the Wi-fi. Another use for the tablet PC is to use it for an ebook reader that is able to do more than just read digital books. The downfall is that the tablet PC computers don’t use the digital ink, which means that when you go out in the sun, chances are you aren’t going to reading your screen very well. But if you read sometimes, and want to play games other times, the tablet PC could be an option. Keeping up with the news is another option for the Tablet PC’s. If you don’t want to have to read your news while sitting at your computer, you could have the small and portable tablet at your breakfast table as you sip on your coffee. You can also check the weather at your leisure.
Posted: 16-04-2012 @ 13:49:59
The most popular activity on tablets? Gaming, followed closely by search and email. The survey, which polled 1,430 people in the U.S. in March 2011, found that 84% of tablet owners play games on their tablets, 78% search for information, 74% use it for email, and 61% read the news. The two least popular activities, according to the survey, are shopping and reading e-books, with just 42% and 46% of users, respectively, say they use their tablets for these purposes. Tablets are used mostly in the home, rather than at work, which perhaps explains why most people say they use tablets more frequently at night (62%) and during the week (69%). Eighty-two percent of the people surveyed said they use their tablets primarily at home, while only 7% use the devices mostly at work. There has been considerable speculation that tablets will put PCs out of business. Apple CEO Steve Jobs predicted devices like the iPad would herald the start of a "post-PC world" and indeed the research indicates that users are trading PCs and TVs for tablets. A third of respondents report spending more time using their tablet than watching TV, 59% say they spend more time using their tablet than reading a paper book, and 68% report they use their tablets at least an hour a day (38% spend over two hours). Nearly a third of users, 28%, said their tablets served as their primary computer, with the vast majority, 77%, reporting decreased use of their desktop and laptop computers after acquiring a tablet.
Posted: 10-04-2012 @ 15:50:26
Well, its unlimited that's why gadgets companies are launching new versions of tab within very short time period. Tablet is fulfilling the need of both a smart cell phone and net book and its also a reason its going to be popular now. Following are the main uses 1. Gaming 2. Multimedia (Songs, movies etc.) 3. Using like cell phone (Calling, messaging, downloading etc.) 4. Online book reading (Means using as a e-book reader) 5. We can do our office work (means creating, updating, editing our files etc.) Means you can do your all work combined which you do by your net book and smart phone.
Posted: 22-07-2011 @ 13:50:35
tablets can be used in many ways depending on the specifications of the tablet and your need but in todays world and it market the tablets are really advanced and can do many oor most of the things as a laptop internet surfing mails chat etc
Posted: 22-07-2011 @ 13:09:33
Future tablet owners plan to use their portable touchscreen devices to send emails, manage their personal information and consume media like movies, music and games. this next generation of tablets is clearly being marketed as consumer multimedia consumption devices positioned to compete squarely against the Apple iPad.
Posted: 22-07-2011 @ 12:34:16
A tablet personal computer or tablet PC is tablet-sized computer that also has the key features of a full-size personal computer. A tablet PC is essentially a small laptop computer, equipped with a rotateable touchscreen as an additional input device, and running a standard (or lightly adapted) PC operating system like Windows or Linux. The term was made popular with the Microsoft Tablet PC concept presented by Microsoft in 2001.[1] Today, the term tablet is also used to refer to computer-like devices operated primarily by a touch screen but not intended to run general PC operating systems or applications.
Posted: 22-07-2011 @ 09:03:31
It is just like a laptop and provides all the features that laptop does.
Posted: 21-07-2011 @ 17:37:15
I have missed on important point- its battery life and weight compare to a lap top. Most of them weigh less than 800 gms except for the ASUS transformer with key pad. Almost all of them have minimum six hours of battery life except Acer Iconawhich is nothing but function like a lap top and running on Windows 7 OS.
Posted: 21-07-2011 @ 13:37:28
- It is vary deppends on its operating systems and manufacturer. Basically the main use is browse internet through wifi and read e books, Play Games, watch movies, play music etc. Also some of them support to edit the basic office doccuments (Apple I pad, Asus transformer etc). And another important use is E-mail and internet voice and video chatting. It will do more or less near like a lap top, but less in application/ office softwares.
Posted: 21-07-2011 @ 13:31:21
fast Internet surfing, video call, playing multimedia files, playing HD games , doing office works etc.
Posted: 21-07-2011 @ 12:33:53