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What Is Wibree?

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Wibree is not much related to Wi-Fi the name notwithstanding; instead, Wibree is a short-range wireless technology more comparable to Bluetooth.
Posted: 14-02-2012 @ 19:28:38
Wibree is a short-range wireless protocol optimized for low power consumption. Developed primarily by Nokia, the company has submitted Wibree as an open standard to promote adoption and interoperability. Wibree is intended to compliment Bluetooth communications in certain PAN applications where small, lightweight design makes standard Bluetooth communication unsuitable or difficult. For instance, Bluetooth-enabled wristwatches require relatively large transmitters and batteries, making the devices heavy and uncomfortable. Wibree-enabled wristwatches can use smaller transmitters and smaller batteries, increasing user comfort and reducing fatigue while extending battery life. Wibree operates in the same 2.4 GHz frequency band as Bluetooth, which ensures backwards hardware compatibility. Due to this, a single antenna can support both protocols, and many existing Bluetooth devices will require only a simple software update to communicate with Wibree devices. While these upgraded devices will not benefit from the size savings dedicated Wibree models enjoy, they will see much improved battery life. Additionally, compatibility with newer Wibree models will help prolong the lifespan of existing equipment.
Posted: 13-02-2012 @ 23:10:05
dear, Wibree is the first open technology offering connectivity between mobile devices or Personal Computers, and small, button cell battery power devices such as watches, wireless keyboards, toys and sports sensors. By extending the role mobile devices can play in consumers’ lives, this technology increases the growth potential in these market segments.
Posted: 10-08-2011 @ 12:47:50
it is a digital radio technology
Posted: 22-05-2011 @ 17:07:46
wibree was the former name of Bluetooth which has abandoned by it since development... But at present wibree as an independent company, developed a low powered wireless local data transfer system like the Bluetooth, but much bttr in all respect and can be a big threat to Bluetooth and its existence in future...
Posted: 20-05-2011 @ 12:02:11
Posted: 19-05-2011 @ 16:34:32
Wibree is a digital radio technology (intended to become an open standard of wireless communications) designed for ultra low power consumption (button cell batteries) within a short range (10 meters / 30 ft) based around low-cost transceiver microchips in each device.

Wi-Fi is to hide complexity by enabling wireless access to applications and data, media and streams. The main aims of Wi-Fi are the following:

* make access to information easier
* ensure compatibility and co-existence of devices
* eliminate cabling and wiring
* eliminate switches, adapters, plugs, pins and connectors.

Source Wikipedia
Posted: 19-05-2011 @ 16:33:46