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We can use external or Internal Memory of Android Phone as virtual Memory to increase speed

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Answers (2)
yes you can use external memory as tbe virtual ram by swapping because the android kernel is made on the linux kernel.all you need to have an rooted device and the swap supported kernel. 1. If you are not rooted then download z4root from internet and root your phone.this will install superuser and busybox. 2.once your phone is rooted then download swapper2 app from the market. 3. open app and go to option and check on safe remount and safe remove. 4. select swap file size set it to 256 mb (most suitable). 5. select swappiness to 20 or more according to use. 6. go back and switch file will be created. 7. to check whether it is running or not download android terminal from market and type free. 8. if it show non zero data in front of the swap,then swap is running.
Posted: 09-12-2012 @ 02:25:16
Right now you can't use external or internal memory of android phone as virtual memory cause of android OS limitations.hopefully android will get this feature in near future. :)
Posted: 22-11-2012 @ 22:32:16