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The sites paying for sending SMS are fraud or not.

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Answers (8)
Posted: 18-04-2011 @ 10:21:19
not all sites,some network really pays for helping needy.
Posted: 18-04-2011 @ 01:22:17
there are fraud sites but at the same time there are actually sites which give as the facility to send free sms to other plone numbers from the internet on our pc so, not all sites paying for sending SMS are fraud.
Posted: 17-04-2011 @ 23:39:01
They may be fraud
Posted: 17-04-2011 @ 21:07:20
most of the sites are fraud they just want your personal info and mobile number and than sell it to marketing companies be aware of such fraud
Posted: 17-04-2011 @ 15:29:24
yes , its fraud
Posted: 16-04-2011 @ 22:49:58
not fraud
Posted: 16-04-2011 @ 17:18:04
Posted: 16-04-2011 @ 17:00:22