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Symbian or Android which is the best?

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Answers (16)
android,because there is video chat facility,which is not in symbian and there are so many good softwares for android,but this time i phone is very good option,or window phone
Posted: 09-02-2012 @ 22:46:11
Android is better than symbian. Because android having better operating system. Mostly manufacturers of the android technology would be able to protect from the virus and database products and extras. Symbian has less facililites then the android. Mostly people like android phones because of their extra ordinory features.
Posted: 08-02-2012 @ 19:27:16
In today's standards, Android is a lot better than Symbian. Android has hundreds of thousands of apps, while Symbian has only about 40000, and Android apps are of better quality. If you plan to get an Android phone, get a high end one with at least a 1ghz processor with a WVGA screen. Midrange Androids tend to perform poorly with slower processors. Symbian on the other hand is the most resource effective phone OS, so it is able to make phones run pretty fast even on slower CPUs. But in usability, Android wins.
Posted: 08-02-2012 @ 12:12:05
Posted: 04-02-2012 @ 13:48:54
no doubt android is the best
Posted: 24-05-2011 @ 15:33:10
android is the best
Posted: 22-05-2011 @ 17:37:13
android is better than sybian which is also said by CEO of NVIDIA
Posted: 18-05-2011 @ 16:19:04
android is now a days touching the is having many apps as compared to android is the best.
Posted: 16-05-2011 @ 23:42:36
android is now a days touching the is having many apps as compared to android is the best.
Posted: 16-05-2011 @ 11:08:27
Hi, The most mobile manufacturer company are using a common O.S. thats Symbian for all the cell phones. And i think this is quit popular for the cell phone like NOKIA, SAMSUNG, LG etc. But for exciting business phone which is much more features are using Windows 6 and Windows 7 O.S. Really windows mobile O.S. has changed the meaning of the mobiles and all. It makes the mobile to perform and process well. So i thinks windows is the good O.S for mobiles & it is familiar to all as it is being used in PC O.Ss..
Posted: 15-05-2011 @ 08:56:04
its android anytime..... it is the latest one and gives u acces to multiple apps at same time, has a better apps market. and also let u choose to custom ROMs... symbian is d softest targets by the virus developers
Posted: 14-05-2011 @ 15:57:19
android phone is best
Posted: 13-05-2011 @ 11:36:00
Though I have a sentimental attachment with the Symbian but there is no doubt Android has over taken Symbian in terms of performance , Features , Abundance of applications and interface . Though Symbian is very user friendly but I'd recommend Android.
Posted: 13-05-2011 @ 03:46:22
android is best becoz it has great processing ans working speed and has millions of good and free apps at android market as compare to symbian's ovi store which is dumb. And nowadays android are available at very cheap price so its better to take android.
Posted: 12-05-2011 @ 11:05:10
Android obviously... Symbian are for the kids these days.... Symbian is a thing of the past...
Posted: 12-05-2011 @ 09:08:58
I think Android should basically be easier for most of these things. At least for me, having an E51, I had some trouble getting calendar and contacts to sync with google, although it works fine after I got it up and running. What I like about Android is the market, makes it a lot easier to get ahold of new programs that might do what you need better than what's native. And of course it born with google integration.
Posted: 12-05-2011 @ 08:55:48