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Nokia N8 vs IPHONE 4G? Which is better?

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Answers (6)
IPHONE 4G is better than nokia N8. The most wondering feature of that phone is 4G. It can access 4G network. It is the smart phone with window, having better operating system then the nokia N8. So i prefer only iphone 4G.
Posted: 07-02-2012 @ 19:37:27
Posted: 22-05-2011 @ 17:51:50
iPhone 4G!!!!!! Nokia N8 is an ant in front of fire if iPhone 4G is the fire....
Posted: 09-05-2011 @ 23:41:27
nokia n8 is better .
Posted: 09-05-2011 @ 22:23:53
Posted: 09-05-2011 @ 22:15:29
Nokia N8 is better bcoz this gadget is having the guarantee of nokia and it is long lasting then IPHONE 4G. Although IPHONE 4G is having more facilities then nokia N8 but comparably Nokia N8 is better.
Posted: 09-05-2011 @ 21:08:31