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Most of nokia series40 java phones don't support features like cutting an mp3 file or opening a word document then how can you make ur device more usable???

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Answers (8)
Cut mp3 supports all java phones but symbian phones does not support java apps in to
Posted: 10-02-2013 @ 16:20:30
Java phone supports mp3 but it cant cut u need a symbian phone to use it, Java Phones does not support 59% percent of things
Posted: 13-01-2013 @ 22:33:13
Nokia java phones does support mp3 cutting using an app called ringtone editor. Only the advanced features like opening a word document cannot be supported by any software in any java phones.
Posted: 10-01-2013 @ 19:05:29
There are many apps.. U can search in google or u can go to
Posted: 08-01-2013 @ 10:52:55
Java reader and zip opener available for pdf and zip vs unzip , freeware and also paid vrsn for rich feature ...Upgrade JAVA also
Posted: 07-01-2013 @ 02:25:31
If you can't read The .pdf file from your Nokia series 40 mobile phone then you can Try the Softwares like pdf reader, File reader etc. And I use The softwares/apps. Like Djmixer to Join the songs, Rintone cutter to Cut the ringtones, And various other Apps. These apps./Softwares are very usefull to Nokia S40 mobile. You can download this softwares from the sites like, you can get more websites from uc browser.
Posted: 06-01-2013 @ 22:44:43
if u want to use word ducument and cutting mp3 then you have to move from java to symbian. Nokia e series phone is best for office includes read and write both option..
Posted: 05-01-2013 @ 14:48:37
U CANT DO SO ................
Posted: 04-01-2013 @ 09:25:29