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Just wanted to know.. which phone should i go for.. Samsung Galaxy note or iPhone 4S? which one is better?

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According to me You Should go with note 2 with comparison of iphone 4s.
Posted: 07-01-2013 @ 16:56:35
Most obviously, there's a significant difference in size. The Galaxy S III is 136.6 x 70.6 x the galaxy s is 38.6mm and weighs 131g. The iPhone 5 is both lighter, thinner and smaller all over at 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm and 112g. You pay a physical price for wanting the bigger, wider 4.8-inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy S III instead of settling for a 4-inch iPhone. If you’ve got small hands, then you might want to consider the Apple mobile.
Posted: 03-01-2013 @ 10:34:06
Reasons to consider the iPhone 4S 3.5G, iOS-6 Much more internal storage - 64 GB vs 32 GB 2x more internal storage, which means more music, photos and movies Bluetooth - Significantly newer bluetooth support 4,0 vs 3,0 Typically faster data transfer and lower power consumption connecting to other bluetooth devices Size - Smaller 58x115x9 mm vs 82x146x9 mm Around 50% smaller Screen PPI - Higher PPI screen 328 PPI vs 284 PPI Around 20% crisper display of text, images and video App store - More apps available iPhone App Store vs Android App Market The iPhone App Store has over 500 000 apps vs 400 000 (around 30% more) Weight Lighter 140 g vs 178 g More than 20% lighter Talk time - Slightly more talk time 14 hours vs 13,5 hours Almost the same Reasons to consider the Galaxy Note 4G, Google Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Network - Much faster max data speeds HSPA+ (168 mbps) vs HSPA+ (14,4 mbps) Higher theoretical max data transfer speeds over cell networks (more than 11.5x faster) Screen type - OLED screen Super AMOLED vs LCD The Note has a OLED screen, which are generally brighter and more vivid Standby time - Much more standby time 34,2 days vs 8,3 days More than 4x more standby time, less frequent charging Multitasking - Runs multiple apps at once Yes vs No Switch between running apps, surf the web while talking on skype for example FM Radio - Built in FM radio Yes vs No Listen to your music and news from your favorite radio stations wherever you are Screen resolution - Much higher resolution screen 800x1280 vs 960x640 Around 70% higher resolution screen Processor - Significantly faster processor Unknown, 1400 MHz vs Apple A5, 800 MHz More powerful processor, snappier and more responsive (around 80% faster) RAM - Significantly more memory (RAM) 1024 MB vs 512 MB 2x more RAM, typically more responsive and better for multitasking Screen size - Significantly larger screen 5,3" vs 3,5" More than 2x larger screen
Posted: 22-12-2012 @ 19:56:02
samsung galaxy note 2
Posted: 21-12-2012 @ 12:51:37
Samsung galaxy note II is better as per my suggestion
Posted: 21-12-2012 @ 11:26:43
samsung Galaxy note II
Posted: 20-12-2012 @ 09:06:07
Best choice is samsung Galaxy note II
Posted: 14-12-2012 @ 09:09:33
I think the best choice is to go for Samsung Galaxy Note II if you want a android and IPhone if you want IOS. These two phones have more differences than similarities. If you buy an IPhone, you belong to a completely different application section i.e IOS and these applications are the best ever. Android applications are also very good but is not restricted as in the case of IPhone. So I would suggest to go for IPhone 4S as it holds some uniqueness.
Posted: 16-11-2012 @ 20:07:24
Samsung galaxy note is better smartphone than iphone 4
Posted: 16-11-2012 @ 18:50:53
I would go for Samsung Galaxy Note II, than IPhone 4S because of the fact that Note offers a completely different environment than an Iphone ever can do. It has even made it difficult for the created Samsung to tell whether it as a tablet or a smartphone. So we analyst called it as both as it offers a fascination and mystery with the device. Everyone wonders at this device . The popularity and its purchase are facts of this device rating. Iphone 4s is a great device but all of its device look similar in nature. So Note is better in all respect.
Posted: 11-11-2012 @ 18:39:20
best go for galaxy s3
Posted: 20-08-2012 @ 09:49:46
go for note or wait for iPhone 5 iPhone 4s has too small display compare to note watching movie is not great fun on 4s
Posted: 20-08-2012 @ 09:47:18
Both are better, but both are in different price ranges. Samsung galaxy note is Rs.32,700 while Iphone 4s costs around Rs.43,000 . Both of them offers a variety of features, most of which are same. But also Iphone 4s has built in Siri in it, also the iOS is a more stable OS compared to Android. But it also costs u nearly 11,000 more. So if you are ready to increase your budget, go for Iphone 4s . Also, all Iphones have a great resale value.
Posted: 15-07-2012 @ 09:16:09
Screen resolution Very high resolution screens iPhone 4S: 960x640 GALAXY Note: 1280x800 Movie format Both shoot high resolution HD movies 1080p @ 30fps Camera resolution Capture extremely high resolution images 8 MP Talk time Very long talk time iPhone 4S: 14 hours GALAXY Note: 13 hours Screen PPI Very crisp and sharp display of text, images and video iPhone 4S: 329 PPI GALAXY Note: 284 PPI Bluetooth The latest bluetooth support iPhone 4S: 4.0 GALAXY Note: 3.0 Internal storage A lot of RAM for running apps iPhone 4S: 64 GB GALAXY Note: 16 GB Thickness Very thin iPhone 4S: 9 mm GALAXY Note: 10 mm Network Fast data transfer iPhone 4S: HSDPA (14.4 mbps) GALAXY Note: HSDPA (21.1 mbps) Wifi Both have fairly fast wifi support 802.11n (150 mbps) Multi-touch Both support multi-touch Intuitive gestures such as pinch to zoom GPS Have assisted GPS Assisted GPS Touchscreen type Touch sensitive screens Easy to use with your fingers App store Many apps available at their app store(s) iPhone 4S: iPhone App Store GALAXY Note: Android App Market compatibility-score Works with many headphones 1.0 RAM More RAM than most for running apps iPhone 4S: 512 MB GALAXY Note: 1024 MB App store Both have an app store, makes it easy to add new games and programs iPhone 4S: iPhone App Store GALAXY Note: Android App Market
Posted: 07-05-2012 @ 14:00:53
if you the money to choose any phone...then you should buy neither if the tow...go for the htc one x or wait for galaxy s3....coz the note is too big to carry around and the iphone 4s is way to pricey
Posted: 01-05-2012 @ 18:25:53
samsung galaxy note is best phone..........
Posted: 19-04-2012 @ 10:11:56
thanks.. mathi
Posted: 12-04-2012 @ 15:05:21