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Is vodafone 2g data package better then airtel ?

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Posted: 01-12-2014 @ 07:26:49
Internet services provided by both the operators are good... but if u want to select anyone of them then airtel 2g is better than vodafone 2g...:)
Posted: 18-09-2014 @ 21:19:49
It depends on your area. Sometimes vodafone 2g data package is faster than airtel. But on an average Airtel is good in any connection.
Posted: 18-09-2014 @ 09:52:55
In north India Vodafone is giving maximum of response to its customers & 2G or 3G on both network it is giving best response.
Posted: 17-09-2014 @ 17:27:35
vodafone best for pc.... when compare to airtel....
Posted: 07-09-2014 @ 10:26:57
Yes vodafone more fast than airtel.I tried too many times.
Posted: 15-08-2014 @ 13:46:41
i think vodafone best
Posted: 14-08-2014 @ 23:22:14

VODAFONE and AIRTEL both have great network coverage throughout the country. data plans also have almost same rates. But in my opinion airtel is better for 2G data packs.
Posted: 02-05-2014 @ 18:45:07
vodafone 2g is the best data plan in all 2g network because it give high speed as compare to any network. The most important part is we alwahs sufferd from net in ond point network and in side the train but in other network does not working propery in train and villages
Posted: 23-02-2014 @ 11:38:20
yes! i think vadafone 2g is the best................
Posted: 08-02-2014 @ 15:43:38
i think airtel 2g is the best................
Posted: 09-01-2014 @ 22:07:36
vodafone is best than airtel bcz speed is good but vodafone is some costly than airtel
Posted: 09-01-2014 @ 16:24:24
Yes , vodafone data plan cost is less and very high speed net
Posted: 28-12-2013 @ 11:06:13
It vary from circle to circle. In my experience vodafone is better in only 2G coverage and airtel is better in 3G covering area .
Posted: 27-12-2013 @ 20:27:27
I think Aitel is best.
Posted: 26-12-2013 @ 11:09:59
No because vodafone give only 20 mb in 5 rupees On other side airtal give one day Facebook. Twitter etc free only rs 1/- so airtel is better than vodafone in 2g data package.
Posted: 18-12-2013 @ 16:38:03