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Is virus come via blutooth from other mobile?

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Answers (9)
Ofcourse, virus come through blutooth from one mobile to another, when we transfer some data to the other one.
Posted: 05-04-2012 @ 17:08:07
yes virus come via blutooth from other mobiles from one mobile to another mobile.
Posted: 03-04-2012 @ 08:55:11
Yes a virus can also be transferrede itself with via bluetooth from one mobile to another, while sharing data.Virus is also a kind of software which can be easily transfered while sharing data from one to others mobile if there is virus in anyone mobile.
Posted: 02-04-2012 @ 14:06:45
Yes.The virus spreads between phones by way of their Bluetooth connection. The user receives a virus via Bluetooth when the phone is in discoverable mode, meaning it can be seen by other Bluetooth-enabled phones. In this case, the virus spreads like an airborne illness.
Posted: 07-10-2011 @ 13:18:51
I suggest all of don't send or receive a suspected file by suspected devic via bluetooth, bcaz bluetooth is a common way of getting virus. Only use a safe and scanned file to increase ur device performance.
Posted: 25-07-2011 @ 23:37:10
yes virus is a auto execution file it can harm your phone. dont open bluetooth when not in use
Posted: 17-07-2011 @ 19:06:09
yes of course. Bluetooth is one of the commonest way of getting viruses in mobile.
Posted: 14-07-2011 @ 07:10:01
ya virus can enter via blutooth from an infected mobile u can instal a antivirus 2 protect it i think net quin anti virus wil be btr
Posted: 11-07-2011 @ 19:57:29
yes virus can come to your mobile phone by bluetooth it is advisable that u keep your bluetooh deactivated and only activate when in use u can also keep your bluetooth hidden if u use your blueooth for headset and cannot keep it off u can easily make your mobile hidden or shown to all form your mobiles bluetooth menu
Posted: 11-07-2011 @ 16:24:52