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Is this true that SAMSUNG mobile device has so much demand now a days because of ANDROID ?

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Posted: 01-12-2014 @ 07:38:39
yes it is true at some level as samsung was the first one which comes up with android os smartphones in india and demand for samsung phones has increased due to it. But now a days it's demand getting low as it previously held as home companies like micromax, spice are launching android smartphones at much lesser price than the samsung. Share of samsung in market getting low while micromax has shown much growth in terms of market share...:)
Posted: 18-09-2014 @ 21:31:00
Well I would say it’s true. Samsung is giving maximum support in android version within reasonable price range. I am also a Samsung user from last five months or so & surprisingly I have get benefits through its applications supporting system. Its great all the way.
Posted: 17-09-2014 @ 17:33:17

Well in some ways you can say that Samsung is in demand nowdays because of Android OS. But that is not the 100% truth behind the success and demand for Samsung, the main reason for demand is the Cost because there is a rule if cost is less then then demand will grow. On the other hand android platform plays an important role for being the interest. There are several brands like Sony, HTC, Nokia, Apple all these brands offers handsets costlier than samsung and they off-course offer better quality than samsung. Samsung has a large variety of cheap and budget handsets on the other hand big brands like sony and htc don't have variety for cheap and budget phones that is people tend to go for samsung because people have more options in samsung, you will have more options if you have 10k Rs. in samsung. Talking about the android platform, it is an essential part of of a phone. Android is the power OS now it is the second highest used OS now. Unless a phone is usefull to you it does not make sense to buy a cheap phone with no usability. so we can say cost effectiveness android are the main reason for the demand of samsung.
Posted: 14-09-2014 @ 00:39:49
Its not like that Samsung is only in demand these days but many of the android phones are in demand like Lava Mobiles as well-
Posted: 04-09-2014 @ 11:15:03
Yes it is true bcoz of it simplicity also...
Posted: 15-08-2014 @ 13:49:59

Yes it is true, it is the ANDROID which has changed the game for Samsung. SAMSUNG came with android when there were no other competitors in the market, and moreover SAMSUNG launched cheap and affordable devices.
Posted: 02-05-2014 @ 19:01:17
no this is not right anser because android software are installed all mobile in this time the region for chossing sam. Phone is it is not hang in suffring because its software are much strong
Posted: 23-02-2014 @ 11:31:03
yes..thats one reason ..but it also depends on the quality of mobile and its specifications..its not true that all samsung mobiles are good than can be said based on its specifications like processor,camera,no of cores ,android version...
Posted: 14-01-2014 @ 18:32:22
yes there is not any shadow of doubt that there is a great demand of samsung mobiles in the international market because of its soft and light touch and also due to its long battery life according to my experience in samsung mobiles their plate is made up of an element which enables the fast conectivity of the phone this element is present in only samsung phones
Posted: 13-01-2014 @ 19:53:35
yes due to some major comparable reasons: 1.more varieties. 2.good services. 3product durabilty. 4.hardware quality. 5.handy and well designed products see each product have its advantages and limitations....and it has more advantages as stated above........simply samsung is reliable...
Posted: 08-01-2014 @ 22:22:49
Now in market there are numerous company introduces wide range of android mobile phones. recently Panasonic launched 5-6 android mobile phones in India with latest android operating system.
Posted: 08-01-2014 @ 17:01:22
demand is low now days....because new compny micromax,xolo...etc company given so much feature than samsung with same amount of samsung mobile... but the overall samsung mobile demand is high..........
Posted: 05-01-2014 @ 15:10:11
Yes it is correct samsung is mostly used because its cost is less and best features
Posted: 28-12-2013 @ 11:04:41
Yes,,bt handsets r nt gud,,,I won't recommend....
Posted: 27-12-2013 @ 18:22:26
Not only because of android platform but also because of its competitive price range and loaded features available with samsung with a lesser price tag which is affordable to the customers.
Posted: 25-12-2013 @ 12:27:48